"Anxiety is the sense of how bad the future will be", someone once said to me.

In itself, that doesn't help. Like, at all. But maybe it isn't supposed to help. Maybe it's supposed to point out that anxiety can make the nightmares of the future real, and thus fuel resistance.

Yes, that's it.

Still can't sleep, though.


@hider to me personally, anxiety is connected to any future only marginaly. I always felt that my own anxiety stems from the present and even past. It's often a feeling of being trapped, or powerlessness.

I've had really bad sleeping time for the last year and I think it's connected to two distinct situations where I felt powerless.

I'm sorry to hear you can't sleep. I hope it gets better. Sending love and light to survive the dark times. 🌄 💙


@luka I think this person wanted to argue against the idea that anxiety is about past experiences. I don't necessarily agree, but when anxious my need for (unintelligible) comic relief often takes me into weird places.

If super honest, my experience of anxiety is a total sense of fear - of everything, even being alive. My nightmares tend to be about being trapped, tho.

So sorry to hear about your insomnia. Powerlessness is truly awful, too. I really hope it gets better. Lots of love 💜💚


@luka Btw, when I first sent my reply it turned into a regular toot. This happened yesterday, too, with a DM. Bug?

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