@hider avoid #macos
It is possible. We must tell school's and university's principals to avoid #proprietary software and especially #AvoidApple
Dell, Acer, lenovo there are many hardware producer that support #freesoftware


@paoloredaelli Absolutely! Arguing for the use of software/OS's can be hard, though. But not impossible.

@hider I'm raising my daughters with #freesoftware . There are some small exceptions, mainly related to remote learning (zoom, Skype, WebEx )

@paoloredaelli That warms my heart to read. Sadly, some proprietary software can be hard to avoid, for school or for work. But every small step is important!

@hider the client side is not that bad. Firefox seems to be quite capable of handling WebEx and Google Meet. I was able to fully use WebEx at polimi and my daughter Meet. The server side is another matter entirely, but I suspect that there are substantial hardware costs, otherwise Jitsi and MultiParty Meeting should have been able to handle the load of last spring lockdown. Jitsi also tends to put a lot of burden on the client: smartphones tends to get hot during Jitsi meet

@hider if Firefox weren't compiled with binary blobs. But I disabled DRM on my Firefox and it handled WebEx correctly. We must thanks public standards like WebRTC

@paoloredaelli Maybe you've heard of Librewolf? It's basically a (more) libre version of Firefox. I haven't tried it that much myself, but it seems to work fine.

@paoloredaelli Yes, I've noticed my connection speed have been quite slow at times, but it mostly works. And I guess one "problem" with decentralized services, for instance for video calls, is that they can be demanding for the devices to handle.

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