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Pneumonia actually just a psyop to prevent us from lying down naked in the grass while the rain pours down on us

the podcast by Holly Herndon & May Dryhurst is worth much more than 5€/month IMHO. wide-ranging and stimulating discussion/dissection on industry, , , , , , , , , , , and many other topics. support this excellent work ✊

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Acid Horizon

I've been loving this podcast lately, goes deep into theory stuff like Mark Fisher, Foucault and Deleuze and makes their ideas really concise


i just found a way, but it's not the most convenient. you can grab current track by

$ cmus-remote -C status

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is there a way in cmus to reveal or find the filepath to something you are listening to ?

i'd like to be able to jump to a track's directory to view artwork or pdfs within that dir

anyone in the Arca Mutant1000000 discord ?

Everything darkens. A single light illuminates where Francis was. The chorus sings.

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the american government offering 600$ as a final stimulus is the equivalent of the monopoly man throwing pennies on the ground in front of you

going into 2021 with a new setup (with Back-UPS electric surge protection) ... this is the move 🌌

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So how did we get from the gleaming promise of the digital age as imagined in the 70s to the harsh cyberpunk reality of the 20s?

Centralization, rent seeking, planned obsolescence, surveillance, advertising, and copyright.

How do we move forward?

Re-decentralization, a rejection of the profit motive, building for the future/to be repaired, building for privacy, rejecting advertising, and embracing Free software.

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inspired by @neauoire wiki (continually) and h/t to @liaizon for showing me tiddlywiki ... looking to incorporate a wiki into universe

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