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your latest installation/performance looks hecking wild man props to your fluctuations @Koodes

Jaron Lanier internet > current nightmare mallpocalypse ad-net

this is really cool actually. now that I confirmed that it's working I want to be able to do more remote-y things, like control a LAN router

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successfully ssh’d into a remote machine. instantly borked it by activating VPN, breaking the pipe.

why no for a living with nucleus ? cross-hatch would be 🆒

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Unconditional empathy and understanding for literally everyone is pretty fucking punk because nobody is doing it.

it’s hard being a self. one of my superpowers is my sensitivity, and recent events have taken their toll. Feeing utterly drained. 🔌ing-in 🧠+💜 to 💆‍♂️ for 📶🆙 of🔋s

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music hardware is prohibitively expensive. music software is unnecessarily complex. on both ends, good portions of the stack are either stuck in China or stuck in C++ libraries. I think something is wrong with that.

harvested and ate many of these blue potatoes yesterday. couldn’t be fresher

with Bruno Monsaingeon 9 September 2018 Detroit, Michigan

after running

brew cask upgrade chromedriver

it is working again 😌

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i thought my google image scraper script broke (again) … but it turned out to be due to an out-of-date chromedriver (apparently updates very frequently)

ah so it appears that if you cancel-out of a Toot Delete & Redraft it deletes the original Toot 😯

my latest work is a rendition of Sonata 3 Opus 2 number 3 ... the equivalent of sonata-allegro shitposting, to Joseph Hadyn no less!

:bandcamp: :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: :cc_sa:

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