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the collective homeostasis sustaining all ecosystems of earth is truly profound

at the beginning and the end of existence lies a profound mystery, as the juggernauts of the firmament wrestle with creation itself.

i am tremendously thankful to play a role in this mesmerizing journey as Polia & Blastema, our that received @kickstarter backing comes to fruition. working with this team has been awe inspiring. ☁️🖤☁️

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tfw somebody asks you "what kind of music do you listen to?" and you just stare at them for 30 minutes until they walk away

There were more confirmed coronavirus deaths in *APRIL ALONE* than the total US deaths in the Vietnam war.

According to [Worldometer]( there were 5151 coronavirus deaths by the end of March and 63856 deaths by the end of April. That's 58705 deaths during April, which is more than were KIA in Vietnam.

ghoulish discharges of the motherboard! nano-assemble and envelope, embellish this world with your charged vapors! ~

LA County Department of Public Health has confirmed a total of 3,542 cases in the valley. North Hollywood is the neighborhood within the valley with the most confirmed cases (283).

spent the day scheming with my crew how to best reach out to German volcano photography specialist and re-exporting the opera film

researching stochastic mutagenic rhythmic interventions for a project about using plyWith function

editing and composing for the new E. Elias Merhige *Polia & Blastema* with the office computer transported to home temporarily.

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things Glenn Gould contributed to humanity:

- brilliant interpretations of Bach

- making it ok to wear a thick coat when its cold on stage

- doing something different with your life, even if there's pressure to "do what you're famous for"

we need live music more than ever. looking to see where we go in the current mean\time(s) and how we recuperate after gatherings become socially acceptable again. longing for live music and for the 3D splendors of friendship.

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playing in delirium a world ago on 2020 January 12 after getting to see one of my favorite ensembles all the way from Italy *Concerto Italiano* perform. live music is the essence. it is the vibration. it is the healing. it is the transmission. the altercation. the galvanizing force.

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