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5 february 2020 taking the usa as low as it can go

had a nice exchange with someone who said they checked out my :bandcamp: and through that discovered and said they spent the whole weekend diving deep with it 😎 that pleases me!

is the track finished or are you over complicating it by continuing to work/tweak/alter ?

i am the type that thinks in music as self-talk

uno de mis grandes logros // one of my greatest accomplishments • a live recording of Opus 120 • en vivo en @SedecultaYuc (2011)

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i really want to upload my discography to, youtube, possibly peertube, and this will be a big operation!

reading Doctorow’s advocation for schemes for creator compensation. compelling when we consider the current record-industry plan which, in order to bring about a hopelessly speculative piracy-free internet, ends up attacking fundamental human freedom.

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