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Some people are surprised by this framing by The Daily Mail. But you shouldn't be. The Mail supported Hitler and Mussolini, is still owned by the family which was personal friends with Hitler, and continuously posts transphobic and homophobic nonsense, as well as racism of course


They are going to kill queer people over monkey pox stories being presented like this.


So our sub-filter within the Photo Journal loop will now transclude the currentTiddler's field called `path` … with an offset of 6 + a limit of 3 (displaying the 7th 8th + 9th photos)

<$list filter="[prefix{!!path}rest[6]limit[3]]">
<$image source=<<currentTiddler>> />

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Within this list widget, I am going to open up a new list widget and copy the filter run above used in the Berlin photo journal.

But there's a catch with the notation: transclusions within a filter run only accept single curly brackets 😮

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This list widget is basically saying anything that starts with the path `…/berlin-2008/wide/` gets displayed. Notice the path is hard coded in this Photo Journal entry for Berlin (2008 May).

But what if I want to display an excerpt of this Berlin collection on the index page of all the Photo Journals, like a little preview ?

Back to our loop that pulls in all the items tagged [[Photo Journal]]:

<$list filter="[tag[Photo Journal]!sort[date]]">

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the only photo journal I have right now is called Berlin (2008 May) and the image grid code is very concise and cool!

<$list filter="[prefix[$:/images/photo-journal/berlin-2008/wide/]]">
<$link to=<<currentTiddler>>><$image source=<<currentTiddler>> />

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{{!!path}} is a unique field which contains the system path of where external image embeds are located.

I want Photo Journal to list all items tagged with [[Photo Journal]] and in reverse chronological order (date):

<$list filter="[tag[Photo Journal]!sort[date]]">

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did you know that you can transclude a field directly into a filter run in ?

To test this out I started a Photo Journal in my 🌱 [[digital garden]]

I have a tiddler with the field `path` and I can print its contents using the transclusion notation:


leave it to capitalists and pornographers to ruin everything

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Someone just "Oh, hell, I'm just too lazy to write my own programming language" at me.

I always thought that THAT was the lazy option, it seems to be infinitely more work to learn some insane build toolchain, navigate vestigial compiler flags, jump through the hoops of using and learning some framework so that after weeks of sifting through documentation you can build some half working thing that will have to be maintained across the temperament of some maintainer somewhere.

How's that lazy

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The best thing today was that we all lifted our gaze from ourselves to the universe for a moment.

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one of my favorite artworks of the 21st century, born from The Great Financial Crisis of 2008

Riot Shield With Complex Mathematical Equation Used In Financial Markets Containing Derivative Investment Instruments
Justin Kemp

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some exciting things in the upcoming ☀︎

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