if you've ever wanted to control a (as well as other applications) programmatically using I put together a little resource that helped me do just that for a project


give friends the space to open up and cry. embrace each other’s vulnerabilities. some of us need to cry more, and we should welcome that in our associations with one another.

@fadimat hēy i’ve spent many weeks in over the years. I miss the old piano in Exxtrablatt, taken many smokey breakfasts in Cafe Meier, stood at the old Martinskirche, partied with Interface Kultures at KunstUni. I have special memories from this place. Many greetz.

‪in lieu of valentine’s day, I’d like to take this opportunity to share in friend’s day. a warm & heartfelt thank you to ū friends, all of whom light up the well of being each in their own way, & for everyone i hold that dear recognition that our loving/sharing = health/happiness‬

RIP Victor Pérez Castellon. Siempre me alentaste y creíste en mi camino musical. Extrañaré tu dulce sonrisa y tu genuina presencia.

*eventuality* = good word. I shall incorporate into my vocabularies.

i intend to post videos of the finished projects playing back in full.

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this remix project using fed from has turned into one of the most rhymically complex pieces i’ve ever made ‼️

you don’t control the sound, the sound controls you

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PEEP: Passively Eavesdropping Private Input via Brainwave Signals

"The attackers’ motive in this study is to passively eavesdrop on victim’s neuralsignals, recorded by BCI devices, looking for sensitive information (e.g., PINs orpasswords) entered on a virtual or a physical keyboard."


#brain #neuroscience #hacking #eavesdroping #science

getting soaking-wet drenched in the rain in nature was the best way to spend today

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