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with all the energy towards amazon, y’ll know twitch is an amazon service right…

OTD: 1913

conducted the Vienna Concert Society in a concert of expressionist music that so shocked the audience that they began to riot

@rottenmeier my friend subscribes to criterion collection streaming. we watched it there.

great music by Brian Eno. fascinating use of written text (multiple languages) & PIP (picture-in-picture) effects to modulate the sensation of temporality.

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new discovery: filmmaker Peter Greenaway

summoning Simon so that McKay will redraw this: Scheibenriß Tafelnde Gesellschaft und Tod by Albrecht Dürer

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So, as soon as a government announce they consider using mobile phone geolocation data to track infection.. we launch massive campaigns about *leaving the phone at home*, right?

Fighting surveillance with a gesture that is not only political, but also sanitary (devices get full of shit and you touch them after touching objects and before washing hands) and of self-care (better mental state without constant buzzing/attention-seeking)


#Covid19 #Coronavirus #Surveillance

i’ll be 12,999 days old tomorrow. last day of my 12,000s. I like attempting to conceptualize and ‘sense’ these 1,000 day cycles 💭🎴🌌

At a bare minimum, we cannot allow a capitalist system to govern the job market in this age. The market has proven itself unable to account for societal-level, long-term value add. If we must maintain a market, its scope needs to be heavily restricted and its responsibilities distributed.

this is a very compelling and beautiful documentary film about drummer Simon Barker's esoteric search for Korean shaman and master drummer Kim Seok-Chul

one of the biggest take-aways for me was how fluid and comfortable the many musicians encountered throughout the film viewed rhythm and form as simply a natural bodily extension of themselves through the playing of their instrument. it is so inspiring to strive toward a music-making of this caliber and authenticity.

i sat, looking out and contemplating the mountains and the valley, in quietude.

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