last potato harvest of the season i am having hãppy-sad

harvested and ate many of these blue potatoes yesterday. couldn’t be fresher

with Bruno Monsaingeon 9 September 2018 Detroit, Michigan

prototype of a phase delay modulation protest piece reimagining the effects achieved by Steve Reich in ‘Come Out’ (1966)… here incorporating Tamika Mallory from her powerful speech following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD in May 2020

quite a large early in the AM ... been awake for HOURS and it’s 2PM and I’m wiped-out. The 1994 part of my brain has been reactivated 😮

I had a dream (nightmare) that I had emerged from hypersleep to find myself approaching my destination: . (Voyager 2 took almost 12 years to reach it from Earth).

saw this dark-winged butterfly on my walk today 🔶🔶

reaching the final stages of the score mixdown and final treatment to picture for Polia & Blastema. been working on this since 2016 and it is truly a *feeling* seeing it come to new life

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