quite a large early in the AM ... been awake for HOURS and it’s 2PM and I’m wiped-out. The 1994 part of my brain has been reactivated 😮

I had a dream (nightmare) that I had emerged from hypersleep to find myself approaching my destination: . (Voyager 2 took almost 12 years to reach it from Earth).

saw this dark-winged butterfly on my walk today 🔶🔶

reaching the final stages of the score mixdown and final treatment to picture for Polia & Blastema. been working on this since 2016 and it is truly a *feeling* seeing it come to new life

at the beginning and the end of existence lies a profound mystery, as the juggernauts of the firmament wrestle with creation itself.

i am tremendously thankful to play a role in this mesmerizing journey as Polia & Blastema, our that received @kickstarter backing comes to fruition. working with this team has been awe inspiring. ☁️🖤☁️

ghoulish discharges of the motherboard! nano-assemble and envelope, embellish this world with your charged vapors! ~

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