@liaizon no just a hang with friends who share office space with them :)

@gavcloud super cool to see it here thanks for posting. I love NTS radio! we should get them to have a fedi presence!

@liaizon i heard they were looking for a part-time position to help with archiving. totally agree, would be cool to build a fedi bot that aggregates their mixcloud archive

@gavcloud really wanna get into more fedi bot hacking! maybe we should try to make something together sometime!

@liaizon what I would really love to make is a tiddlywiki for NTS :blobaww:

@gavcloud you are really obsessed with it huh, I should give it another try. I have been getting really into putting EVERYTHING into Obsidian lately but I know that is not its final form, I want it to all be able to be shared on the web as well.


@liaizon there’s just too much possibility and endless extendability to it. obsidian is super rad but the limitations are palpable next to TW

@gavcloud oh yes for sure. If I would figure out a workflow that let me use TW on mobile that felt good I would use it

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