@cb two things i haven’t wrapped my head around:

1. can you make a link in WikiText that acts the same as a tag pill (a link in body text that activates the tag pill drop down)?


2. how do you target a specific tag that a tiddler has when displaying a $list of tiddler? i.e. i want to pull the tag that itself is tagged ‘author name’ when listing books, but in my test i got it working but it pulls ALL tags with ‘author name’ and i want to limit it to the one the tiddler happens to have. i don’t know if i am explaining this clearly?

@gavcloud I'm not sure I totally understand, but I think using a filter would help - you can specify search terms like "show a list of all tiddlers tagged with this author but only the tiddlers that also have this tiddler's title as a tag"

@cb i figured this one out actually! this is how I got it to display

<$list filter="[all[current]tags[]tag[author name]]"/>

In a tiddler list view I can pull and display the child of the tag tagged 'author tag' at the parent level

@gavcloud definitely! in fact anything that you see in the entire interface can be added anywhere else.. because everything is a tiddler. That was pretty difficult for me to understand....

in other words, every element in the whole tiddlywiki - from the tag list to the edit view to the preferences pane - is a tiddler. You can edit anything by finding and editing the right tiddler, and inversely you can add any element you want to any other tiddler

I hope that makes sense!
@gavcloud I'm not at my computer now but tomorrow I'll get into my wiki and get you some examples of this stuff. It's amazing how much you can customize!

Also, there's a great tiddlywiki google group (google, yuck, I know) with super friendly helpful folks, definitely worth checking out
@gavcloud forgot to reply to this one - I think it's definitely possible but I can't figure out exactly how... Take a look at the file `$:/core/ui/TagTemplate` - you might be able to use some of that code to achieve what you're after
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