The worlds that appear when you are not mere suggestions or sketches of the waking phenomenal world, but mimic it in every way. The state, like the waking state, is characterized by synchronized gamma oscillations in the activation of sensory–specific areas of the . Seeing a in a activates the same areas of the as seeing that in waking life.

@gavcloud last night i dreamed of an interactive economic model for water distribution proportional to consumption

@pixouls I’ve actually pondered (similar to) this but not in dream. kudos

@gavcloud it was fun, there was something about taking various, businesses lets say, spread across the city. Then taking the percentage that each one consumes, minus the net percentage that all will always consume, and then rearranging the placement of these businesses so that the water consumption is proportional across the city. I don't know why I dreamt about this, it would require being able to rearrange a city from scratch, maybe a good concept for a tool though, it was kind of like an educational drag and drop.

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