I am extremely proud and happy that my father—Jorge Gamboa Patrón—has a new record being released today by 💿 VAGAMUNDO

available on streaming platforms and on CD/cassette



My father has self-released his music since I was young. This is his 9th album, and for the first time a label has stepped-in to support the work. It is a very personal record because these kinds of songs are the music I grew up with, and I have memories being in Yucatán, listening to this music during bohemian gatherings of which my father would always love to participate in with friends/family.

But his records always deviated from this simple nueva trova song style, as he and his producer/band mates would opt instead to create elaborate pop arrangements and stylistics. Yet, these songs represent the most authentic version of him, his most intimate and personal style and also, given the nature of how these songs came about, his most moving and life-affirming.

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