finally figured out how to ssh tunnel into my home machine from anywhere, also sshfs mount the drives on a remote. wonder how it will handle large file transfers


What are you using? I recently set up Wireguard and then Nebula. I prefer the latter.

@flavigula wow nebula look aamazin, i was just doing everything in bash with ssh rsa keys and sshfs mounts with FUSE


Believe or disbelieve, but this the first time I've heard of sshfs! Ha! And I've been doing this stuff for decades! Amazing.

That being said, I highly recommend Nebula. It's made my life much easier and work much more fluid.

@flavigula @gavcloud sshfs is my daily tool. I have number of computers in office and studio that I often need documents or files from. I have .ssh/config setup so that different private keys are used with different hosts, and since machines are on LAN behind the router, forward ports are also put in the config. so when I mount with sshfs i don't need to write ports and each machine has their own name. did you know you can put it in fstab so that it appears in file managers - click-mountable?

@luka @flavigula i’m super interested in learning more about that. currently i am mounting by writing out the whole command as well as the custom ssh port i set up.

@gavcloud @flavigula

my ~/.ssh/config contains a lot of entries in a form:

Host shortname
Hostname FQDN/IP
IdentityFile "~/.ssh/id_rsa"
Port 2211

and I can ssh to it:

$ ssh shortname

or mount it using:

$ sshfs shortname:/path/ /media/user/hostname/

(the identity file is the path to private key)

there's more in `man ssh_config`, but essentially the keyword 'Host' limits all following settings to that particular host until next Host or Match

@gavcloud @flavigula

just to clarify:

FQDN/IP above means fully qualified domain name (if you have server or static ip and domain name assigned to it) OR ip address

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