JS Bach is compared in doing for the arts what Isaac Newton did for the sciences; the achievements their works produced altered the course of history.

Bach’s keyboard music is the closest thing to companionship I have ever found in my own life (in the realms of the immaterial). A gift that keeps on giving. A never-ending stream of nurturing aesthetic sustenance.

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I tend to view Bach’s humility & industry with a certain reverence and awe (perhaps unhealthy to do so!) ... and I’m agnostic in my own life, but can’t shake the significance of all those SDGs at the end of every score.

That Bach wrote a quodlibet (drinking song) at the end of the Goldberg Variations rather than rounding out his symmetrical canon construction....to this day provides me with ample chills and wonderment.

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Science and Art used to be much more intertwined, as Bach’s music’s spiraling mathematical density does show. Kepler was even attempting to notate the music of the spheres in line with his astronomical observations!

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