@gavcloud nice, I have that same model (unlabelled keys with the copper switches)

@kf yes not only to look at but to use, as well. I went from being a fairly average typist (25 wpm) and still needing to look down at the keys (especially for numerical input) to essentially vision-free touch typing and reaching nearly 80 wpm!

@gavcloud OK, after salivating over this piece of equipment I decided to fork up the $$$ and go for it! Can't wait to lay my hands on it. Sooooo many cool features. And whoosh goes my anti-consumerist principles. I guess it's time to kick into rationalization mode.

@luka @gavcloud I already pressed the “order” button, so I’m trying not to think of any other keyboards right now ;-)

@kf @luka i think it’s a good investment. i am a pianist but also lots of development and computer interaction and reducing strain in my arms/wrists/fingers is a major priority. i think you’ll really enjoy the new options it opens up for you in human/machine interaction.

@kf @luka a feature i have grown to love is Auto-Shift, which is equivalent to holding down Shift as a modifier but you merely need to hold the key at a slightly longer press. Game-changer for me!

@gavcloud @luka The more I read about it, the more excited I get. Can't wait for the thingy to land on my door. I guess I'm a bit more than average preoccupied with ergonomics, being a dancer and all, and this thing ticks all the boxes. Have you used the mouse emulation feature? This, together with the auto-shift and the endless customization possibilities seem like they have the potential to open up a lot of new doors...

@kf @luka yes I am forcing myself to use the mouse mode a lot. I haven’t totally mastered it but I’m liking it more and more.

@gavcloud @luka Cool. Glad it works! My workflow is heavily keyboard-driven, with just a few, pesky gui apps left that refuse to go the way of no-mousing, so I'm eagerly anticipating even less mousing around.

@kf @luka nice. i’m headed in that same direction. especially on the internet i am essentially mouseless with my current + setup, which allows vim-like bindings to control the browser

@gavcloud @luka I like that combo. If you want to dig even deeper into the rabbit hole I can highly recommend . Takes a bit of tinkering and a few external tools (mpv to play back video, pass to manage passwords, etc...), but it feels much more lightweight and sleek than ff/tridactyl

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