+ together for this youtu.be/fgi9_enEz18 just want to send props to @neauoire for putting these tools out into the world. i love the way this one in particular turned out.

@neauoire check the video in reply to original post. i captured the pattern stream as midi input into renoise

@gavcloud that is so cool *___* I was looking at your renoise track like, wow, you're dedicated. This is great! Thanks for sharing it with me, I love the resulting track 🧡


@neauoire tysm! it turned out to be a very intricate puzzle after the raw input from was captured, as I enjoyed the editing process within making the patterns blend into each other in interesting ways. (you can see in that YT video that the pattern steps vary from pattern to pattern). shapeshifter rhythms.

@gavcloud Your video made me curious, could you run this orca patch in your renoise setup and record the result for me if that's not too much trouble?


@neauoire will give it a shot. how would you like the resulting data, using same audio ( tracks) or as the xrns file format (or other..?)

@neauoire looks like i will need to replace these V (variables) with udp message, unless I’m missing something.

@gavcloud Why do you need to replace the variables with UDP messages? Isn't renoise just midi? The patch should send a midi not on every frame

@neauoire currently it is not i am trying to figure out why

@neauoire strange i got it working now 🤷🏽‍♂️ restarted orcλ

@gavcloud I bet that if you replace the D1 triggering the midi notes with 3U8, or 5U8 it'll be awesome too.

@neauoire 5U8 is wicked. Euclidean object. new discovery !

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