greatly appreciate everyone who has been purchasing my freely-available music releases :bandcamp: more to come in 2020

i’m vicariously loving thru @yaxu posts. need to have a sit-down with

really happy with the way this remix is flowing

thank you for all the recent follows to my monthly :bandcamp: page

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Happy New year friends on Mastodon!
May this year bring choices that help us all grow individually and as a collective. May we understand each moment to our fullest capabilities, observe in depth, allow ourselves to feel and think in integration, and be patient with ourselves.
May we all grow fuller and more abundant in spirit!

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About 10 yrs ago, music and so called piracy was still a problem "the industry" was trying to solve. Streamed music, I guess, became _the_ solution. And now, it's become totally naturalized.

But it's an absurd, unfair, and unsustainable solution. Listeners become dependent on proprietary (and spying) software. Artists, especially unknown/alternative ones, have almost nothing to gain. And the storing and delivering of the music files requires huge amounts of power.

#streaming #drm #harm

oppressive market & technological forces are readying their flank to take us down bit by microtargeted bit. take no defeat. research everything. we are all together. only one Earth planet in existence. reclaim your energy. 𝕋-𝕣-𝕦-𝕤-𝕥. get lots of sleep. go vegan. and stop giving that money you earned to amazon and spotify. ☯️ 20²͚⁰

hi everyone. i know you’re doing what’s best for you. your happiness is mine. here come the 𝟚𝟘s (again). which means the diametrically opposed futures of 𝖉𝖊𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊/consolidation/misinformation vs survivalism/decentralization/fact-based questioning are upon us. be safe, be kind. be 𝞑𝞒𝙐𝞣𝞚𝙇 & transgressive or 𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘦𝘵 & contemplative. it’s okay to be whoever you are. that has been my lesson this decade.

appreciation post for & • here the mysterious master of St. Petersburg performing ( Théâtre Champs-Elysées 2003). I met Bruno in 2018 at & told him his work documenting the great of our age forever changed my life. The volcanic energy of this clip was like a tear in the fabrix of the space-time continuum which reconfigured my very existence! Thank you Sokolov. Thank you Bruno.

Earth is short / And Anguish absolute. — Emily Dickinson

for december:

Scriabin | Sonata-Fantasy

a wondrous tapestry of late romantic high decadence. rounding out a year of music-making with one of my favorite pieces ever (Scriabin’s music was actually banned by the BBC during the 1930s for its perceived eroticism and disturbances ??)

Scriabin w/ Tatiana Schloezer on the banks of the Oka River

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