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Scriabin | Sonata-Fantasy

a wondrous tapestry of late romantic high decadence. rounding out a year of music-making with one of my favorite pieces ever (Scriabin’s music was actually banned by the BBC during the 1930s for its perceived eroticism and disturbances ??)

Scriabin w/ Tatiana Schloezer on the banks of the Oka River

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Your self image is a comfort zone
Discard the mirror, be on your own.
Your self image is a handicap
Protecting you in bubble wrap.
"I am this" and "I am that"
"I am the one wrestled down on the mat."
"I am someone", "I am a label"
"My identity is what makes me able"
Who are you really, without your fable?
Without memory, without your story
Do you become undeserving of glory?

| Opus 2 Number 3‬


‪Deviant approaches to Beethoven; emphasis on temporal elasticity; harmonic dramatization; spaces for breathing and pause; attention to the 'surface' of the music; the sounds themselves. Performance praxis.‬

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This is cool! All these medieval books have been digitized and are available for free at the Internet Archive.

i got command working on a Windows 10 machine via Cygwin Terminal and learned that you need to reference the path with a different syntax e.g. /cygdrive/c/ is how you point to C:\

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Here's a list of folks I have personally invited to join the #fediverse, please give them a follow! Ask them whats up or give a warm welcome! People only stay here when there is a reason

#ConretePoetry + #HandmadeCircuits
#SynthLover + #VinylRecords
#GlitchHair + #Cats
#Astrology + #KitschGifs
#Piano + #Composition
#PlantAnarchy + #VisualPoetry
#SocialWorker + #HornPlayer
#Electrician + #MeowWolf

The final patch I used for the album Teufelsberg Tower, which uses a sample recorded on location, here processed in studio 3

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Go and leave loads of cash to those musicians on Bandcamp :bandcamp: that are contributing to the richer commons and public domain by licensing their work under CreativeCommons :cc_cc: licenses.

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