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tomorrow ✨🎹 honored to roll up with these wonders Frank Moka, Max Jaffe, CureForParanoia


it’s about to be , (, , ) and **mysterious voice** ????

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6 April, the day Stravinsky died.

Playing his Serenade in A for piano was pure adrenaline (borderline terrifying), mostly because of the third movement, the Rondoletto, where I very nearly derailed 🥵 Incredible music.

Polia & Blastema (Official Trailer)

"Bold. There is no one left exploring new imagery and new sound so radically." - Werner Herzog

thank you for inviting me to give a walkthrough on 🌱 … that was fun! let's future-proof our work and reclaim our data ~

I'm giving a workshop with at 12PM PST / 3PM EST on how to future-proof your website, your research notebook, your [insert use-case here] … using the *very* awesome and (very) open source … this is a workshop for beginners. a digital garden walkthrough

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Tomorrow is a terrific workshop at 3pm EST (taught via Twitch) by @gavcloud on Wikis / Digital Gardens

Babycastles Academy: Tiddlywiki (TW): Getting started with digital gardens, networked thinking, and non-linear research

We ask for a donation of $5 - 15 but no one is turned away. Register gets you the twitch link.

releasing a few stems/b-sides/discarded variants from our upcoming Polia & Blastema on :bandcamp:

excited to start sharing this work that was made with these outstanding collaborators Micaela Tobin, Sharon Chohi Kim, Strangeloop, E. Elias Merhige

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very excited to say that we minted the first opera 📯

Immense gratitude and thanks to Eddie Alcazar for including the film in this collection. Auction being held thru April 9. Parallel auctions will take place for each film as a 1/1 edition, and another auction for the collection as a set.

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This film would not have happened without the amazing contributions of:

choreographer/performers Nina McNeely and Jasmine Albuquerque who embody universal intelligences of the beyond in their portrayal

vocalists Micaela Tobin and Sharon Chohi Kim who sing the prima materia in otherworldly grandeur

the Strangeloop Studios team Aron Johnson, Nicolas Juister, Alec Maassen for giving shape to the beguiling void

the contrapuntal cinematographic eye of Jake Bloch

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Polia & Blastema, an opera I composed for occultist filmmaker legend E. Elias Merhige and in collaboration with my visionary psychonautical twin Strangeloop, is being unveiled today as part of the Brainfeeder Films Collection, the first NFT auction of its kind for cinematic work.

Included in the collection will be an array of films from Eddie Alcazar, Spike Jonze, Flying Lotus, Krotchy + Floontz, David Firth, Robert Morgan, and Jimmy Screamerclauz

there’s a lot going on and I’ve been meaning to share some announcements but my Moderna mRNA-1273 first dose has got me 😴

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Some upcoming online twitch-streamed workshops that folks on the fediverse might be interested in:

April 4: Tiddlywiki (TW): Getting started with digital gardens, networked thinking, and non-linear research
taught by @gavcloud

April 11: Doom-Modding Workshop

feeling hype but also ~chill~. chillype (¿)

gun manufacturers/gun lobbies are profiting off of human misery and it is abhorrent

there seems to be an exclusivity and hierarchization attendant to the NFT space that produces fear of missing out, envy, and rewards those with social capital or with skills in 3D software first and foremost.

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