my friend Ringo Rashad Smith's new radio show PASSPORT is debuting today on 📡 • live now 📻

I was featured on this really great 📻 program in FUTURE RENAISSANCE of + curated by Benjamin Tassie (featuring music of Anna Meredith, Max Richter, Cassandra Miller, Johnny Greenwood…)

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new GPU arrived today for Mac Pro 1,1 (2006) aaaand it’s still operational 🖥 . Same era as my Toyota Corolla (2004) 🚙 which also got me from A⥂B today. doing all i can to say <🖕🏼you > to planned obsolescence!

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"An operating system is about bare metal performance!"

This Julliard-trained astrophysicist paired librarians and programmers in the 50s to create "software libraries" where librarians kept track of routines which programmers would then tape together. The thing the OS does now.

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:bandcamp: friday ~ fees are being waived for artists.

I am donating all proceeds from this record to The Loveland Foundation, which does important work in getting pro bono professional therapy to black women and black girls.

As always, your support is appreciated.

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by the way @noisesmith i’m still using your Max trick for more natural probabilities in this generator 🏗

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Audre Lorde, “Age, Race, Class and Sex: Woman Redefining Difference”, 1980

“Yet even the form our creativity takes is often a class issue. Of all the art forms, poetry is the most economical. It is the one which is the most secret, which requires the least physical labor, the least material, and the one which can be done between shifts, in the hospital pantry, on the subway, and on scraps of surplus paper.”

At the peak of our technological performance, the irresistible impression remains that something eludes us […] that, in effect, it is not we who are winning out over the world, but the world which is winning out over us.

Jean Baudrillard

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