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Quadratic Lattice • with Max Jaffe

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Recorded in one take, Quadratic Lattice is an experiment in remote collaboration with Brooklyn/Los Angeles-based percussionist and composer Max Jaffe (JOBS, Amirtha Kidambi).

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designers of context > creators of content

Don’t recall any other time in history that the court took away constitutional rights and decided that physicians will be charged with murder for saving a woman’s life.

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@thegibson Note that various services that promote encrypted comms DO NOT ENCRYPT BY DEFAULT

Such as telegram, chats are never encrypted by default. group chats are not encrypted. You have to manually start an encrypted private chat

what at awful day it has been and it’s only 9:31

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i’m in Brooklyn NY just for the day on Sunday if anyone wants to meetup / say hi ☀︎

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One of the most famous lion in Nairobi National Park, Sirikoi has rested. He was known to hunt giraffes and buffalos alone, he was unable to feed or hunt during his last days in the hands of vets as results of injuries sustained from fighting against another male lion.

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i literally cannot believe the defense contractor building this algorithmic clinical tool literally named it ROBOKOP

holy floofing feg Anton Diabelli really was a trickster in business (particularly towards Franz Schubert). I speculate his reputation was well known in all of Vienna, and this puts a new spin on Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations. An absolutely devastating & giant 🖕🏼f*** you 🖕🏼🥹😂

booked a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles on American Airlines … ended up in Phoenix ? 🤦‍♂️

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On Tuesday morning I'm hosting B C Manjunath on Tuesday for an online discussion about the ancient algorithmic Carnatic tradition of Konnakol:

His work is incredible and I really can't wait:

to those interested in building their own 🌱 [[digital garden]] or who want to jump-start their [[tiddlywiki]] development I created notes/tips on some of the tricky aspects I ran into using TiddlyWiki

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