At a bare minimum, we cannot allow a capitalist system to govern the job market in this age. The market has proven itself unable to account for societal-level, long-term value add. If we must maintain a market, its scope needs to be heavily restricted and its responsibilities distributed.

this is a very compelling and beautiful documentary film about drummer Simon Barker's esoteric search for Korean shaman and master drummer Kim Seok-Chul

one of the biggest take-aways for me was how fluid and comfortable the many musicians encountered throughout the film viewed rhythm and form as simply a natural bodily extension of themselves through the playing of their instrument. it is so inspiring to strive toward a music-making of this caliber and authenticity.

i sat, looking out and contemplating the mountains and the valley, in quietude.

🌳thinking 🌳 that 🌳 i 🌳 should 🌳simply 🌳 devote 🌳 my 🌳 life 🌳 to 🌳 a worldwide 🌳 tree-planting 🌳 expedition 🌳

i am so grateful to be quarantined with two glorious, creative, beautiful humans. a true blessing.

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NORMAL PERSON: i'm depressed

still doing my part by not purchasing anything on , but with the stay-at-home orders and quarantine, i’m starting to feel the urge to home-deliver. almost to 9 months. i’ll be exploring other options though.

:bandcamp: for ☣️

your listening & support always greatly appreciated

reflecting on this concert of Well-Tempered Clavier Book I — selections from a concert in . This concert was the night my dear friend Austin Peralta died. He meant a lot to me and his death left a lasting impact. This is arguably some of my best playing; mind and body in peak form. I hope you enjoy this sublime music of Bach.

Depression with negative interest rates and rampant poverty and sickness. Maybe people will finally learn their lesson about the Republican Party.

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A global network of activists are tracking #Surveillance #DataExploitation #Misinformation by tech companies and governments in the global fight against #COVID19

But we need your help.

Have a look at the measures so far⬇️⬇️

And if you can, help us❤️❤️

a strange balance of promise and terror

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