for anyone curious how this experiment turned out they are now up at [[Handwritten Notes]]

next i want to pursue optimization after seeing @dualhammers crush theirs down to bytes.

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Idk how much you know about Ulysses, but basically if you imagine one of those action movie chase scenes in a busy city where fruit cart after fruit cart is knocked over and destroyed then Ulysses is the chase scene and the english language is all the poor fruit carts.

i am digitizing these to incorporate into the digital garden 🌱

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finished updating the Bookcase in my digital garden 📚

it is a list of every book i’ve read.

i’m now excited to start incorporating notes I have made from certain books into those entries.

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Quick reminder that Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Triology is an optimistic look at the future

should I do a Youtube tutorial on ? Feels like I am at the place where I could share a lot of useful info that would save a lot of time setting one up.

newly unearthed video from 1990 of Grigory Sokolov playing Piano Sonata 4 Opus 7 truly sublime

just figured out how to segment the by release year through evaluating a tiddler's custom field:

<$list filter="[tag[Discography]field:date[2020]">

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Development Teaser: I'm working on a self-hostable #bandcamp alternative - implemented as a static site generator written in #rust

As a small tech tradeoff and an experiment I'm integrating a soft paycurtain: Albums can display a price tag, (including a user interaction for setting a price for "name your price" albums), payment directions are given (Liberapay, SEPA, etc. as configured), but the payment itself is not technically enforced, i.e. the listener is asked to affirm by themselves - by clicking a button - that they have paid for what they want, and only then given the download link. I'm open to experiment further with this when I've released faircamp (current codename) to the public. I could also imagine an option for integrating a hard paywall based on entering a token that could e.g. be made exclusively available to your backers on an external platform (ghost, patreon, steady, paypal, ...).

Been fleshing out the first prototype all day today, and having a blast! ✌️

built my first twitter bot which auto responds to tweets based on mention + hashtag combinations 🐦

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