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Mozilla: "How can we improve Firefox? Perhaps add frequently requested features? Or maybe we can squash some old bugs? What about improving load time and browser response?"

Mozilla: "Nah. Nobody wants that." *removes tabs and view image*

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@liaizon @meena @nasser @jauntywunderkind420

A lot of terminology has become very loaded and full of controversy, such that its mere invocations almost guarantees that a discussion derails and goes far beyond the original topic into a divisive shouting match.

Some people unfortunately have become very apt at weaponising terminology like this, and found easy ways to wield them far and wide.

Avoiding their use could also be a tactic to keep discourse focussed. Using alternative description.

Que se descansen en paz, mi querido Tío José, hermano mayor de mi padre, hombre bello, sensible y amable con todo nosotros, y su esposa mi Tía Ana, mujer cariñosa y de buen humor y gracia. Siempre los recordaré con amistad y afeción. Les mando mucho amor a sus hijos, mis primos

tried to wget imgs from a site and was hit by cloudflare access denied 403 Forbidden.

let’s see if selenium/puppeteer solution works

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Climate, dark humour, neg 

I'll shortly be joining an introductory session for a climate-related academic course, and if they do a round of introductions I'm gonna have to try really hard not to say something like
"Anyway I think it's too late now, we're looking at an inevitable Rapid Unplanned Deindustrialisation and billions dead, I'm building an ark, get in the ark"

today's freaqy jq filter

needed to select tweet IDs that did not start with "RT" in the 'text' key.

jq '.[] | .[] | select(.text | contains("RT") | not) | .id'

sitting here listening to my own unreleased and filtering with

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besides fedi, what are some of your favorite 'alternative' and especially unique or weird 'social medias'. here's a few of mine: (that's the domain), , Die With Me app, Somebody app (defunct: ), Glorious Trainwrecks forum, Ctrl-C Club's Iris.....any other favorites to check out?

Ligeti | Rachmaninoff

:bandcamp: :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: :cc_sa:

I have a new release on Bandcamp featuring recent live recordings made in Mexico (Mazatlán & Mérida) as well as one that goes back to 2006

how to flatten
[{a: 1}, {b: 2}, {c: 3}, {d:4}]


const flat = Object.assign({}, => ({[item.key]:item.value})));

drats i love sending out an email in haste with grammar and spelling errors 🥶

very happy to share/participate/contribute to this forward thinking project/DAO with a track featuring Holly+, a voice model trained on 's voice and released to the public

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felt extreme exhaustion today … more than usual.

so the Postman Monitor just needed initial values set for the environmental variables in order to work ? 💀⛲️ pfffffffffffffffff

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