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And there is no reverb on today's drone! Ha! Some of the delays may at times sound like it, however.

I couldn't pursue the idea inspired from your thoughts yesterday because I don't have the proper cables here. When I am seated in Europa once again, things will be easier.

In the end, I redid Drone #6. From the same general conceptual framework, it came out very differently from the first, now expunged, version. Here we go...

Today's drone was a failure! Well - not necessarily a failure in execution, but in recording. A relentless gout of white noise plagued the piece making it nigh-unlistenable. The culprit is my Wampler Tumnus, which I have to tweak every time the pedalboard is powered up so that it doesn't produce noise. This time, in my excitement, I forgot and also somehow missed it as I was creating. Weird, that.

Ah well, I can come at the same ideas tomorrow from perhaps a different perspective.

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CREATE and DESTROY historical UNIX systems!

Are you curious what UNIX was like? Now you can experience it at where you have complete control over your own UNIX system.

#unix #vm #history #retrocomputing #vintage #retro #computer #os

Numero Cinco.

Since I have myriad other tasks today that have no relation to music, I pretty much just tossed this one off this morning. In fact, it's a great way to start one's morning!

All is well as it is my fourth day suffused with . Experimentations with a new looper ( Infinity 2) and the "incorrectly" set created a nice, jumbled atmosphere.

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>> "It's also another place of refuge for all the animals in the Grampians National Park, the fact that there's going to be water here throughout the driest times of the year means it will be a critical drought refuge for such a big habitat area as the Grampians."

Many of the species returning to the wetland are endangered or threatened, and endemic to the area, like the western swamp crayfish. <<

The third drone is complete. This one is actually made up of four tracks, as opposed to everything improvised in one take. The primary reason for this was because I don't have a mixer here with enough inputs.

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This is completely wild and futuristic. You basically write a script and then this tool will generate daisy firmware, a panel and electronics schematics for a full eurorack module ??? With a virtual vcv rack version of it for you to test.

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The guys over at keyboard maker have interviewed me about my setup and toolkit:

My twtxt timeline - just where I keep track of my doings in a regular manner - is now available as an atom feed at

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Merry christmas. Here is a mix I did for a radio show [and then some weird stuff happened and it was never aired]. It's a mix of some of the stuff I've been enjoying lately including robot orchestras, buddhist drone music, fm'ey computer music, irish radio drama and much more. Enjoy

Fun with , and last night, among others. I received a OBNE Signal Blender and find it incredibly useful for parallel noises. I also have my eye on the Pladask Elektrisk , another tool for signal routing.

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What are your favourite clever radio stations for contemporary music, that isn't pretty or _numb and dumb_, but curious and fearless? Please add to the list.

Mine are

SF Sound
LYL radio
WFMU (sometimes)
Cashmere Radio
Radio Mulot / Field Mice

#clever #radio #fediradio #fearless #contemporary #radiomulot #sfsound #lylradio #wfmu #cashmereradio

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Radiophonics, Knut Aufermann, Compression Chamber, Mixcloud tracks users 

Ay. @priryo didn't see this, yes! @ak

When Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington left they started Mobile Radio, worth checking for radiophony and associated music

I had the pleasure to take part in a radiophonic experiment of Knut Aufermann called "Compression Chamber" at Seanaps Festival Radio Lab in Leipzig two years ago. Very fine idea:

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