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gemini:// news!

We've added a search feature that you can find under the "search and filters" title on the main page.

We've also opened an "official" gemlog where you'll find news and thoughts we want to share about the directory. It's located here: gemini://


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Made a (slowly-)interactive ambient piece for a person and a web browser. Based on voices (only).

May have bugs.

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The drummer of my band has another band called Goat Rider. They play oldschool doom metal and had a stream gig this evening. I had a great deal of fun watching it. You can find the recording of the stream here:

I migrated's to a more reliable server, so there will no longer be downtime in the foreseeable future!

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A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called “Per Tiziana”. I was quite happy with the result, but now I’m happier. Why? Because Wim took the piece and made a great new orchestration of it! If you want to read the whole story, have a look at our twin post:

Quick and Tasty Cooking
My Little Grundgestalts


#fediart #music

And if you’re curious about the beautiful picture featured here… have a look here ^_^

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Let's meet
in the music

in the space
between the
staves and sound
vibrations of
the treble clef

Let's meet
where chords
connect, where your
notes complement

in the rhythm of
the movement of
the signature of
the time

Let's meet
at the start,

and then
let's meet
again at the end:

this joyous
singing heart

#smallpoems for #openwrite

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Is anyone here in ? Is it worth it? What instance is suggested for someone like me (oriented towards music, poetry, languages, coding and / or mustelids)?

Some productive days musically are days that you make progress on the two pieces on which you are working, but then arrives the point where you can't do more. You are at an impasse with your creations. You leave them for tomorrow.

And so, as a result, and to cleanse your brain just a bit, you make a long, abstract with your guitar and modular synth.

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Can anyone help me figure out what sort of wireless access point I can use to extend wifi to my barn? I have pretty good signal there now since I upgraded to a new Asus ZenWifi mesh system. I have been looking at Ubiquiti Unifi products, but not sure what I need; including what PoE options for a very cold climate.

Difficulty level: I am not dumb, but tune out on jargon. I need something simple.

Plan is to set up camera in barn for monitoring sheep since we no longer have guard animal.

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another inane generative thing for you, maybe a little closer to being relevant to my "proper work."

- clicks from the computer, two voices from Mother 32 (VCO and self-resonating VFC)
- clock dividers driving the three rhythmic streams, occasionally changing up their groupings
- pitches all some edo something or other, idk
- pd patch is a hot mess so no screenshot for today
- not very much timbre control when you need the filter to be a voice, but oh well


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Sketch 36/100: Float

Between sensation and thought. Between action and suspension.

The sound consists of granulated recordings, scrubbed through every time a sensor moves.

Source code for the sound and more details about the project here:

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Share in this thread 1 #music track you produced yourself.

Advice: you'll get more #listeners if they know what to expect, so I'd love to read about genre, context, idea behind the production etc.
Please specify the licence if it's "free/open", I'd love to share it.

You're not a #musician? Boosting is caring. Musicians need listeners.

And now let's hear some music!

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I would really appreciate it if Fedi supported following topics instead of people. That would be a major improvement in my opinion.

Imagine following “plants”, “biodiversity” and “climate crisis” instead of following “that person who sometimes writes cool stuff about the nature but also often posts pics of their cat or stuff I don’t care about”.

Of course moderating that would be a lot more tricky.

I wonder what other (non-ActivityPub) Fediverse software does in this regard.

That would no longer be µblogging perhaps, but it would be much more useful than µblogging. It could potentially solve the issue of people having accounts on several instances, because they wouldn’t have to follow several local timelines to be up to date.

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