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@PatchNotes an experiment using a wave folder as a very unclean mixer. The module has feedback normalized to itself, and also a feedback input which allows a second signal to be mixed with the folded signal. or one or the other silenced.

I tried using ffmpeg as suggested by @flavigula as a mastering tool. (thanks) I think it's an improvement. though, I haven't yet spent any time with EQ and such.

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Would you like to hear some cheesy faux-80s music, live-coded right before your eyes?
Then tune in on at 9PM CET tonight!
#TidalCycles #streaming #live

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The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML

I've told this story at conferences - but due to the general situation I thought I'd retell it here.

A few years ago I was doing policy research in a housing benefits office in London. They are singularly unlovely places. The walls are brightened up with posters offering helpful services for people fleeing domestic violen

#/etc/ #html5 #web #weeknotes #work

Well, that was easy! I wanted to variate the cutoff rate of my NTS-1, and came to the rescue!

~midiOut = MIDIOut(0);
loop({{ |i|
~midiOut.control(0, ctlNum: 43, val: (i / 4.0) + 32.0);
(81 / 60 / 12).wait;
});{ |i|
~midiOut.control(0, ctlNum: 43, val: (32.0 + 32.0) - (i / 4.0));
(81 / 60 / 12).wait;

An using the and various guitar configurations. I spent most of the time playing around with various euclidean rhythms and tunings to create a backdrop that was naturally repetitive but not jarring. It was another learning process.


My conclusion upon listening through this is that it's a bit of a failed experiment. I learned that I should concentrate on one experimental factor at a time, not three. I was playing with the idea that @june had described - triggering an envelope by OR-ing two others, but got distracted by adding radio broadcasts in real time while creating soundscapes to match random arpeggios.

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Feel free to share: I work & live alone in a 5-room flat in #berlin now. It _is_ great - but certainly akward, too. This has never happened before in 17 years. Looking for fellow, seriously working & inspired #artists / #musicians to live & work with. Off-mainstream, responsible prefered.
Am not 25 & i don't think, behave or live like that. Curious like a child. It's all there & affordable.

If you feel inclined: PM to introduce yourself.


#flatshare #lookingfor

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just a long filtered feedback session for you. upper-midrange and placid, nothing screechy. some nice beating happening here and there.

stereo pair of transducers (in and out) on an empty Amarula box (made of balsa I think). both channels through resonant low-pass filters and then an auto-limiter patch. recording is mix of H4N and line in.



I just read your gemlog "Programming Forth" and wanted to say that coincidentally, I installed on my phone and my desktop recently and have been slowtly going through the manual (which has exercises). It reminds me of when I used to program my HP calculator eons ago...

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Collecting words,
to be heard -
inside a cabinet
of calm and quiet

In a rattled room
for wondering
and silence;
writing our way
inside it


inspired by The Cabinet of Calm (Soothing Words for Troubled Times) by Paul Anthony Jones

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longish jam on a new case i put together:

mostly just learning it, exploring, looking for sweet spots and groove

this case is really _fun_ - - the odessa is so gorgeous a sound source

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It's starting to become a habit : tonight, like every Wednesday's night, I'll stream #TidalCycles on my YouTube channel.
This time, for a change, I won't be rehearsing pre written songs, but I'll improvise some ambient music with the really cool #supercollider synth #superfm
See you at 9PM CET!

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new #gemini search provider is now available for public testing


It's powered by the same piece of software as GUS, so usage should be quite familiar.

Please feel free to try out and report back if you find any glitches.

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I'm really into homemade instruments. It keeps your mind sane to build sthg very special sounding from simple means, allowing one to do this with others & having us play really unique music together.
+ students of next door's grammar school do need input about both off-media culture as much as taking invention into their own hands, beyond downloading another app for smart phone.

Got ideas like this?

#homemadeinstruments #diy #invention #curiousculture #music #culture #diyinstruments #handmade

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