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into the quiet,

the liminal
space between
then and today

while tomorrow
remains a day,


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Imagine your new fedi account as a room that was given to you for free. It's in a freedom-loving area of town where everything is very colourful and diverse. People of many convictions coexisting, dwellings of all kinds.

Will you leave your room plain cold bare concrete walls?

Add an avatar, background image and a funky bio with links. Introduce yourself to the fediverse and engage if you want to enjoy the ride. Make your space cosy and create shortcuts so you can quickly enter your space.

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📦 Just released: ❄️ Glow 1.3.0, Holiday Anniversary Edition

This release contains lots of UX improvements, most notably, your stuff is now organized into tabs.

To update check your fave package manager or download a binary from the releases page.

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new bleep and basssss...

(pls to excuse the paint on my hands, am in the middle of painting
^__^ )

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Dear web developers and admins,
please stop embedding Google's hideous #ReCaptcha into your websites. Its algorithm is faulty, forcing regular users to click dozens or even hundreds of fire hydrants, bicycles, or traffic lights each day. It puts a 'suspicious activity' flag on users who won't obey to Google's business model - such as people who don't sign into Chrome, use anonymity VPNs, or use browser extensions to suppress common tracking mechanisms. Enough is enough. Stop it.

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I was up early so I just made a pass at writing up the process behind the recent set of recordings I put up on bandcamp:

Needs editing and fixes to some website formatting issues! After work I'll clean it up some more. 🙂

Because the whole process for this album was really simple, it seemed like a good excuse to try doing a little writeup like this.


I joined for no other reason other than 'why not?' I used to be part of such small pubnixes in other epochs of the internet. In fact, I have an account at sdf, but haven't logged in in quite some time.

At Soviet, there is gopher and gemini space plus an apparently very friendly community via the bbs system. We'll see where it goes, if anywhere.

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Geminispace and the Tildeverse are expanding again. This time with a third community in the circumlunar 'constellation' limited to 48 signups.

See solderpunk's announcement here:


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Tidal Club Winter Solstice Marathon

So much great music, I'm super excited to be taking part in this. I'll be playing at 7pm eastern / midnight UTC
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normal person -> read gemini spec -> gemini stan
talk to your kids about gemini before it's too late
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'ark/d, amorphic' is OUT!

"an uninterrupted journey of purely computer music, which moves through diverse sonic fields and eavesdrops on the darker aspects of contemporary human condition"

Deliberately in small initials, the title ark/d, amorphic alludes to a minority philosophy that seeks a world in the shadows of the spectacle and activates against the domination of the majority and the megalomania of post-objectification.


:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

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