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Cover art per il mio ultimo brano, "eARTh".

Una descrizione del brano è in questo articolo sul mio #noblogo https://noblogo.org/eidon/earth

"eARTh" fa parte di un lavoro che ho chiamato "II". Si trova su #Bandcamp quì: https://eidon.bandcamp.com/album/ii

#writefreely #mastoradio #music #musica #generativemusic #Grundgestalt


Thanks, Tim. So far, so good. I'm dealing with it better than I thought I would. I'm sure the emotional baggage will hit in a few days. I'm still running on adrenaline.

I have travelled across the poisoned lands and arrived in Praha. My former life is abandoned and now I shall begin anew. Wish me luck.

Everyone is invited to visit.


I've also been of this opinion for quite a while. I've also had a heated arguments with people absolutely adverse to the opinion that there is no universal "quality" (or taste, if you like) in art. Some need to feel there is a collective aesthetic aim. I'm not one if them.


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Tonight's livestream was super fun, btw. I explored an idea that was basically born out of late-night helpfile browsing and made it into a little piece of music.



I've tried several infinities of times, but never could get into them.

Perhaps I should try again? Suggestions? You helped me along the path of Sun Ra, after all.

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> 1bitr ("One Bitter" or "The Bitter One") is a minimalistic text-based music tracker. It only supports 1-bit audio playback and encourages users to write their own sound routines (engines), as well as the music itself.



I understand now! :)

I like the idea of millet in it. Perhaps I'll try something similar soon, but with half wheat, half rye.



Looks good, but what do you mean by white and brown flour? Both wheat? Or is one spelt or rye?


You mean to create your own e-commerce site?

I'd do it from scratch, but I'm silly that way.

A friend of mine uses Shopify, but I can't really vouch for it myself, because I'm pretty far removed from the e-commerce realm. Take a look, though. He claims it's easy to set up / configure.


The two I've come back to again and again over the last decade or so are Animals and Meddle.

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Excellent. And I hope you like it when you hear it. :)


The new album, on which will be the percussion as well as many other things, will come out (hopefully) in May. I'll try to throw up some sneak peaks before that, though. I'm in the middle of recording final parts / mixing / etc...



I like that the word _reject_ in context here can mean two things - a letter written to reject YOU or a letter that itself is a REJECT (ie, that will be rejected by you).

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