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I'm really into homemade instruments. It keeps your mind sane to build sthg very special sounding from simple means, allowing one to do this with others & having us play really unique music together.
+ students of next door's grammar school do need input about both off-media culture as much as taking invention into their own hands, beyond downloading another app for smart phone.

Got ideas like this?

#homemadeinstruments #diy #invention #curiousculture #music #culture #diyinstruments #handmade


Thanks for the add!

I have been adding feeds to spacewalk from time to time over the last two months or so, and it is pretty easy, as well. I have a systemd timer that updates it a few times a day, so everything is automated. I like the "look" for gmisub better, though.

My spacewalk feed aggregation is here, by the way, a subset, plus possible some others, from Sloum's original page... I've found it useful for keeping up. gemini://thurk.org/smafco.gmi


This, right? git.sr.ht/~callum/gmisub
Cool. I may add this alongside my Spacewalk aggregator.

My blog feed is gemini://thurk.org/blog/feed.g if you'd like to add me.


Of course not, as long as the acoustic dryer also gets a few licks in occasionally.


Great blog post. I was unaware of Mestastic. It's something to explore.


MP 240s. I like them quite a bit. I'm not familiar with the Shure in-ear monitors.


Thanks (regarding the mixes)!

Let me know your opinions if you end up getting them. Also of the Mackie. I have a pair of Mackie in ear monitors (I forgot to mention them) that are also amazing.


I know it wasn't much information, but I don't have any other monitors to compare with. I use these and a pair of Bayerdynamic DT990s for mixing / mastering.


I have a pair of Yamaha hs7s and I am very pleased.


I've been using Telegram with people I'd like to stay in touch with for quite a while, though a few still cling to Facebook Messanger and / or Whatsapp as the only thing they CAN use.

I use Matrix, IRC and Signal fairly frequently, as well.

Inspired by @luka I bought a Fairphone 3, stripped it of its stock android, installed TWRP, Magisk and /e/os and am now running google-less and happy.

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Tidal sketch number 5
Originally posted on 01/10/2019
A catchy tune made up of several layered arpeggiations, which would later become the track Horizon on my latest EP "Wilderness"
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

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I'd like to do something similar in the near future. I had LineageOS on my ex-phone, but my current phone (a gift) doesn't support it (neither E/OS).

I hope you are a success!

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Hi! I’m very happy to join SoNoMu.club. I’ve been on the Fediverse for nearly two years now & migrating from another instance (& had to send out new follow-requests).

Time for a re-introduction:

I enjoy & make electronic music & I’m very much into Live Coding right now. I also write experimental literature (mostly in German). Sometimes I teach in the field of media theory and history of technology. I’m constantly analyzing technical infrastructures, capitalist appropriations & the patriarchy.


Accidental Calligraphy would be a superb name for a track or album.

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