these are all sketches that i may expand on next month, year, decade or epoch. if you have any ideas, do tell. :)


Thanks, Tim. It's certainly my aim to hypnotize.

The sixth 'miniature'! The mixing is a bit off, but hey! What can one do?

I'd been having problems with , and in specific . Basically, it just didn't work. It's most probably my neovim setup and I shall delve more deeply into that when I have time. I constructed a few hacks to get things working once again. Thus, this piece includes supercolliding. Thanks to @madskjeldgaard for help.



I have a Befaco A+B*C in my setup and have found it useful in many contexts. Three weeks until I'm back and Europe and have access to my modular stuff again!!! I can't wait!

I'll lap up any more little ditties you make with yours, of course.

Keep up the creativity!

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I should use mastodon more. I think my problem is I don't know where to find content. What are some good feeds to follow if I like #forth #retrocomputing or #programming ?

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you are not listening (music) because you try to understand what author did (and why and how). you are listening to it because it's telling you something about you and your world.


I love it. There are just not sufficient hours in the day to pursue it adequately.


Hey -
I'm really glad you like it. The raw version of that one was sitting around for eight or nine months. I'd always wanted to flesh it out a bit and 'publish' it.

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I made a new little website / gemini capsule:


It's kind of like a non-interactive text adventure set in a small town. Every day it randomly generates changes to the town, so check back every once in a while to find new things. It's isn't super big right now, but I hope to add more places/things/people over time.

(feel free to boost)


For my website / blog, I was using Vue for quite some time but finally I became disillusioned with so-called 'single page apps'. I rewrote the whole thing to use Elixir templates (something like old-school cgi or even php) to create a static site. No js is in evidence anymore except for one page for filtering through a long list when one types into a text box.

I quite like it.

I know where you are coming from re: old school.

@scott @setthemfree


This is great.

Must buy one.... must buy one....


I'm unsure what you mean by "lofi smolnet mobile tooling". I'd love to be enlightened, though!

Reading through the enoki and choo docs, I may play with them just for learning.

@scott @setthemfree


enoki appears quite interesting. Have you in used it or anything else with "Dat"? Beaker Browser also seems curious...

@setthemfree @luka

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Enjoy this Yoga Nidra #meditation recording I made a few years ago which I discovered on my laptop and edited a bit today.

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Hi all :) Since I've made a new home at sonomu.club, I thought maybe I should (re-)introduce myself.

I'm an animal caretaker, musician, photographer and software developer. Some might remember me as part of now defunct alt-pop outfit Botany Bay.

After our utterly unsuccessful final release, I battled depression for 3 years. Mainly thanks to my work at the animal sanctuary I am much better now, making cautious (and much smaller) steps into music again.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)


Thank you, Zach. I'm glad you like it. It would be certainly interesting to hear the music as a game soundtrack.

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