The sixth 'miniature'! The mixing is a bit off, but hey! What can one do?

I'd been having problems with , and in specific . Basically, it just didn't work. It's most probably my neovim setup and I shall delve more deeply into that when I have time. I constructed a few hacks to get things working once again. Thus, this piece includes supercolliding. Thanks to @madskjeldgaard for help.

Another 'miniature' (for lack of better description).

The result didn't match exactly my intention, but that's certainly not a bad thing.

More babblings from a signal fed through my pedalboard. From this came some textural ideas I shall use in future compositions. The beat on my is more meant as another texture rather than to sync with anything. Perhaps I'll experiment with syncing it with the Red Panda and Meris at some point for something similar and note the differences in results.

Anyway. Aeolian Hedgehog.

My current schedule of 4.30 - ~21.00 sees me becoming quite bleary around 19.00. This is the result. Even in my groggy state, the Red Panda Raster made me grin feverishly.

Adobe Ziggurat.

Toying with some new textures last night resulted in a (quite long and meandering) -

Is it worthy? Perhaps during the second half. :)

A placid after some days of drought. Time seems to have become granular during the latter part of this year, with forgotten spaces between grains growing in size.

"Gawking Face, Wooded Frame, Bedside Table"

A sleepy from yesterday evening. Listening back, it semes a bit uninspired, but everything is a process of exploration, no matter the outcome.

Tomorrow, 27 September, our new album is released by Submarine Broadcasting Company. I am ecstatic.

However, today, 26 September, it is henceforth also available at my funkwhale pod.

Despite the chaos in my life this year, work has been completed.

Aside from myself and my regular conspirator, @jayrope and @kynduum are also heard on the album. Glory!

It is my hope that it is pleasing to all.

Yesterday evening's , featuring the , a recent aquisition, so more fumbled with than played, really. :)

There is a bit of white in the backdrop. I hope it doesn't mar the listening experience!

And now, finally, another . I got a small studio set up for the time I'm spending with my parents in Texas. I received my ZEDi 10FX mixer / DAC yesterday and so could begin putting things down on "tape" once again.

This is , a small pedal board and said mixer.


I added the Strymon DECO and Gamechanger Plus to my pedal chain and think I'll stick with this arrangement for a while.

This one is more droney than usual.


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