Some productive days musically are days that you make progress on the two pieces on which you are working, but then arrives the point where you can't do more. You are at an impasse with your creations. You leave them for tomorrow.

And so, as a result, and to cleanse your brain just a bit, you make a long, abstract with your guitar and modular synth.

An using the and various guitar configurations. I spent most of the time playing around with various euclidean rhythms and tunings to create a backdrop that was naturally repetitive but not jarring. It was another learning process.


My conclusion upon listening through this is that it's a bit of a failed experiment. I learned that I should concentrate on one experimental factor at a time, not three. I was playing with the idea that @june had described - triggering an envelope by OR-ing two others, but got distracted by adding radio broadcasts in real time while creating soundscapes to match random arpeggios.

Here is my final @noisevember piece for the year. I've enjoyed very much making the music and listening to everyone else's contributions. Actually, there are still some recent ones I have to get to.

Thanks to all who have listened.

@noisevember continues with this little ditty about hanging out in a park in Munich. Again, any comments on mixing / mastering are appreciated as I am experimenting with different methods each time.

@noisevember again and a different approach to mixing / mastering with a more "expansive" approach. It robs some of the mud from the noisy parts, but I think works overall.


I just finished this relatively non-noisy composition. I'm experimenting with dynamics and clarity of parts (via eq, saturation, etc) and how they are affected by mastering methods, so any comments on the sonics are appreciated. Gracias in advance.


I still had many problems getting the 'mooshyness' out of this track whilst mastering. Calf Compressor for smoothing (very gentle) -> Calf Limiter with a 40ms release. Still not happy, but time to move on.

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