I added a Doepfer Low Cost 48hp case to my Modular rig. @modularism

Right now, I'm just shuffling what I already had around (including a few unused resting in a wicker basket until today), but have ideas for expansion.

My active noise-cancelling ear"buds" finally perished recently, so I picked up the mp-240. They are fantastic. The bass "enhancement" the bose had is not present. The midrange, is not quite (but practically) as clear as my dt-990. I don't miss the active noise cancellation because they seal perfectly. IE, highly recommended for mixing, listening, and travelling.

I'm almost finished allowing my blog to federate entries. Activity Pub / Streams / Vocabulary is quite convoluted. I'll try to summon the energy to write about the experience when I finish.

After a few months of deliberation, I purchased this apparatus, as recommended by @luka. I'm simply using it as a studio mixer / sound card for now, but am very pleased.

The instance where I usually post improvisations seems to be down (exode.me - anyone know anything about that?), so here's the audio of one I did last night. I haven't attempted posting audio (mp3 here) before, so we'll see what happens.


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