I listened to the first few seconds of today's by @thorybo and decided to improvise over it.



Obviously, I wasn't going for tunefulness here. The Złob Dual Vco (just the sine wave!) sang everything from lumbering rumbles to piercing pings. The warbling formant is the Mutable Instruments Plaits. The Bastl Tea Kick, possibly my favourite kick-y apparatus provided the "beat", controlled by ALM's Pamela's New Workout. Various LFOs modify parameters with seeming minds of their own. Oh, and I thwizzled some knobs in the process.

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Because it's fun to take photos of cables emerging from a modular synth.

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I spent the initial portion of the morning mucking with so that one of my ethernet devices could assign a fixed ip to the simply so i could use the mixer (X Air Edit) on my desktop. Big fun.

Working on ideas for "in progress" and "in the composition stage" music, I sometimes reread old journal (blog) ideas to find things I may have filed away. This isn't exactly that, but it suits the spirit of sonomu. It's from March 2011.

- or rather, the creation of lentil soup is accompanied by a few overlapping loops. Nothing special, but it adds to the evenings ambience.

Over several cups of English Breakfast Tea, I considered it time to do something silly in . In specific, it's sending lots of random arpeggios to this small synth.

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