Oops. I just ordered a Mu-Tron Biphase II.


The purpose of my existence is to find the perfect phaser. The closest so far is the Empress Phaser. The Moogerfooger is a close second. I've never owned a Mu-Tron before. I'm not paying 2000 burritos for the original Biphase, though. The Biphase II will have to suffice!

@flavigula All depends on the use case. The III+ is an envelope follower/level-dependent filter (and for bass), not a phasor.

Are you ... out of phase?

I have an original Small Stone and a simple MXR Phase 90, both great for way different things.


I'll be keeping my Subdecay Quasar and Empress Phaser for general purpose stuff, plus I'd like to más o menos duplicate my equipment (eventually) in Texas & La Rioja.

I had a Small Stone a few centuries ago. I don't recall it well. I'm not a big fan of envelope followers.


Wow. Isn't that from the 19th century?

I don't have a dedicated flanger. I have a few pedals that do flangy things, though, like the Meris Polymoon, Red Pander Raster & Strymon Deco. The latter convinced me that I don't really need a flanger (or chorus) pedal.

@flavigula definately no chorus for me as well. That Boss BF1, it's so rough-grainy-special, that i can't stand any other flanger, too. Ya. So, same here.
Delays (with LFOs) have it all anyways.


Yeah - that's why I mentioned the Raster (v2). It does a number of bizarre things with its 'modulation' (lfo + waveforms + thing to modulate selector), including flange.

I haven't heard the Boss BF1, or if I have, I didn't know it was the Boss BF1.

@flavigula just looked at the bi-phase. look phantastic! bloody hell, that'll need it's own suitcase


I got the Biphase II, though, not the original Biphase.


No - it doesn't have freeze functionality. Other pedals I have (Baklengs, Tensor) do, though.

@flavigula For me it's the Count 2 Five. Had to get two of those. But then i started using moduls and now i just wish some of my pedals would be modules. Eventually i start making faceplates and then put a few into my eurorack. Right now they just hang to the side of the rack.


I used to have a count to 5, but sold it. Silly me! I did like it. I also sold my Brothers. I found it superfluous for my needs. I may pick up a Count to 5 again one day, however. I'm loving my Montreal Assembly Purpll.

The reVOLVER looks interesting....

@flavigula Revolver DX that is, discontinued, just seeing that there is a new version coming:

@flavigula Re: Brothers. Yeah, it is completely bloated for my needs. But the sound possibilities in one unit are great. And it's so HiFi. I also have an Archer, that one is superb for clean guitar. For distortion i go rather simple, TurboRat (goodness, it has BASS) and i love the Boss DS-2.



Admittedly, I don't have much distortion on my board. In fact, I have no pedal that could be called a traditional distortion. I have a Wampler Tumnus for light overdrive, and that works for me. I have FUZZ, of course, but that's something different.

I've been thinking about clean overdrives. I've tried a few and settled on the Wampler. I may check out this Archer you illustrate and also the Earthquaker Westwood.

@flavigula fuzz, yes, best. My fuzz is the DS-2 ;) btw sounds great almost clean as well. Very new wave again, thin and crackling. But in general i prefer amps anyways.


I'm of the opinion that amps are not necessary for me. I haven't had one for ages and don't particularly have the inclination to get one. I don't even have an amp simulator or modeler.

I have the Montreal Assembly Your and You're fuzz + the Purpll does some interesting fuzz-like things. I've had others in the past, but these remain for now.

@flavigula Ah the Your and You're: Yeah! Purpll is more experimental click-octaver-droner-lfo-PLL-fuzz to me, whereas the also PLL-working Flex Pro is like an instant fuzz bomb. Very similar sound like the Purpll theoretically, not as versatile, but much more direct to use. Instant fuzz bomb.


I'll check out this Manic FLEX. It looks interesting even from just gazing at the controls.

The Purpll does lots of things, for sure, but it CAN act like a fuzz if you want it to.

@flavigula Goodness 4 am here almost. Well, if i stay up 3 more hours i can go shop for the weekend and then go sleep ;)

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@flavigula oh wow, have fun! We have one of the old units at work, amazing bit of kit.


I'm really looking forward to it. I've not owned a Mu-Tron before. I've gone through so many phasers that it's silly, though. Many great, but none "perfect". :)

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