One of my favourite composers died last night. Roger Trigaux. I actually met and talked with him for some time two years ago.

His music will live on.

@flavigula Sad to hear, i hop h elived a long and fulfilled life. What's your favourite works of his?


It is sad, but he'd been doing badly for some time now so was not so unexpected.


Promenade Au Fond D'un Canal
Souls for Sale

@flavigula I saw Universe Zero decades ago. Great music! Sad news!


I saw them in 2006 in Prague. One of my favourite ensembles ever. (And the drummer is the main composer - another favourite composer of mine, actually)

@flavigula @drkmbnt
Just did some reading and listening on Present and Univers Zero, great stuff that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for that, despite the sad occasion.

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