I've been using since 2007. Today I decided to install and start keeping my own track of scrobbles. After all, why not?

@flavigula the Github readme says "no recommendations, no nonsense"... but I like recommendations! It could be cool, however, to be able to use a custom recommendation engine (where you could, for example, parametrize how far out of your comfort zone you get taken).
Anyway, looks like a cool project.


Recommendations can be good, sure. I agree. The main reason I am doing this is because I'm slowly moving all of my stuff away from centralised platforms.

I'll still be using, as well, for the time being.

@flavigula @th4 awesome, I hadn't heard about majola- I've also been using lastfm for a long time (since maybe 2006?!?!) but would love to self-host it.

One thing I couldn't figure out after a quick read of the docs- can you somehow scribble to majola from "lastfm" scrobblers? I'm thinking like browser extensions that already exist


Scrobblers that can be configured for an arbitrary GNUfm or Listenbrainz api call will work. Maloja works with both.

I'm using Pano Scrobbler on Android.

I have mbdscribble running on the same server as a mpd server serving a large collection of music. It can be configured for maloja, also.

I haven't tried browser extensions yet...


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