My conclusion upon listening through this is that it's a bit of a failed experiment. I learned that I should concentrate on one experimental factor at a time, not three. I was playing with the idea that @june had described - triggering an envelope by OR-ing two others, but got distracted by adding radio broadcasts in real time while creating soundscapes to match random arpeggios.

@flavigula awww might be 'failed' experiment, but it sounds really good to me - something went right 💙


I appreciate it. I find taking inspiration from other people's ideas and making my own "version" of whatever that idea was always works, to an extent.

@flavigula I Thought it sounded very very good. And I have always liked radio being used as a musical instrument.


Yeah - broadcasts always add a unique atmosphere. I'll be doing it more often.

@flavigula @PatchNotes @june Appreciate this a lot. It has th quality of a live broadcast, no reason to look at it as a released recording maybe? Love it. If it were on the radio I'd listen more often.

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