I've been looking at monitors and thinking about yamaha hs7's or mackie mr624's does anyone have any opinions on those, or something similar?


I have a pair of Yamaha hs7s and I am very pleased.


I know it wasn't much information, but I don't have any other monitors to compare with. I use these and a pair of Bayerdynamic DT990s for mixing / mastering.

@flavigula having heard quite a few tracks of yours made with them, makes up for the lack of detail. your mixes sound good to me. And, I think are of a broadly similar range to the sounds I make.


Thanks (regarding the mixes)!

Let me know your opinions if you end up getting them. Also of the Mackie. I have a pair of Mackie in ear monitors (I forgot to mention them) that are also amazing.

@flavigula ahh curious about your mackie iems-which pair? i have a pair of cheaper shur ones and they are pretty bad, would not buy again. like maybe their higher end ones are good but oof their cheap ones make mud out of sound...



MP 240s. I like them quite a bit. I'm not familiar with the Shure in-ear monitors.

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