I finally got around to writing a shell script to keep my let's encrypt certificates up to date automatically on thurk.org. I procrastinated for much too long because ... well, I never sat down and "learned" shell scripting. I always dread having to spend so much time fumbling with syntax.

It's nothing special, but if anyone knows a more succinct or idiomatic way to do it, please let me know...


@flavigula shell scripts are fantastic tools. Don’t know what I’d do without them, even though my shell fu is pretty basic


Very true, and is a reason I should become more adept at them. In the end, it's better to write administrative tasks in this manner than cobbling them with related applications. Well, I think so, anyway.

@flavigula yup. I have even started using them in performance to run videos instead of having to code and debug a whole big openFrameworks application.

@flavigula I can wholeheartedly recommend Shotts’ The Linux Command Line if you want to go a bit deeper. Very well built up from simple to complex scripting



Thank you for the recommendation. I just grabbed the pdf.

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