@flavigula Very nice. Love that switch at the 6 minute mark. 👌


I'm glad you like it! I wrote that last section along with the first section initially, then everything connecting them afterwards.


Actually that's not exactly true. I always write the melodies first and see how they'll work given different contexts.

@flavigula Interesting, It's not something I think of often.

When I play bass with the band it's always writing my parts for the melody/harmony.
With Kynduum, it's most of the time Melody first.


Perhaps your approach with Kynduum is more like mine, since they are projects that evolve from (usually) a single seed. I can imagine a band situation is very different. I suppose when you place bass parts to my stuff, the approach is again different.

@flavigula That is correct. When working on your material, it is very Melodically/Harmonically complex compared to playing bass with Youstuva.

For my parts, Youstuva tends to be more focused on rhythm. (Time signature changes/polymeters/polyrhythms)

Not that your material doesn't have those aspects as well but it's a different take on the same aspects for both. (If that makes sense)

That's one of the reason I love doing multiple projects.

@flavigula And doing bass for you is different also in the sense of I am trying to compliment what you have written and not be intrusive.

Youstuva is different where I have a very active voice in its initial conception. (Filling a need someone has vs being part of creating the new material)

I have learned a lot in that aspect as well.


Which reminds me - at some point, I'd like you to have a more active process earlier in a piece. :) Something to think about ...

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