@flavigula we should federate! shitnoise.monster ....i'm not even sure how that works but lets! 🤪


Hey there!

Apparently to follow your library, I need to place shitnoise.monster/federation/m into the remote libarary area. It's worked with other libraries, but I get

Error while fetching the library: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: shitnoise.monster/federation/m

with yours... strange...

If you want to try following my library, here's the URL: funkwhale.thurk.org/federation

And how to do it: docs.funkwhale.audio/users/fol

Look at "Following Other Libraries". I wonder if it'll work...

@flavigula yeah. i think i have some strange settings going on.. i get "Could not fetch remote library

This domain/account is blocked on your instance." when i try adding yours


I'm still getting `Error while fetching the library: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url` ...


I'll also experiment with it. Eventually, it must work...!

@flavigula yes yes.. we will. harshnoise.club/f/fediverse <- i posted it there, so i can remember to check it. ... I gave some of your sounds a quick listen.. i like... But i must sleep now.

@flavigula Hope that's cool...let me know if not and i will delete again


Though I wouldn't consider most of my stuff harsh noise, I'm happy to be part of any forum / instance.

@flavigula same... I just like the sound of it. Harshnoise.club.... kinda catchy and a bit scary 👻

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