Here is my final @noisevember piece for the year. I've enjoyed very much making the music and listening to everyone else's contributions. Actually, there are still some recent ones I have to get to.

Thanks to all who have listened.

@flavigula @noisevember Nice, how you construct this into a rich musical story, and so condensed. And incl. surprises like at 4:05, where i suddenly thought to be in a different piece. Like all this a lot.


Thanks. I enjoyed making it.

Speaking of condensed, I sometimes have trouble reining in certain parts. It'd be very easy let some sections just sprawl out over a much longer time.


@flavigula @noisevember Speaking of condensed: If i just improvise (+ record) i tend to get longer pieces, with a tendency of becoming more backgroundish. Usually i end up shortening them later, or they land in the big drawer.

Works tend to get condensed, if i sit down & compose (paper/pen or midi), resulting in miniatures, which become so hermetic quickly, that i might have trouble even associating them to any other of all those miniatures.

I hear connected miniatures in your piece.


I used to improvise much more than I do now. I enjoy it, but enjoy the process of composing even more. The problem I've run into with improvisation is that I get caught up with all the equipment I'm trying to use at once and it distracts from whatever "form" (for lack of a better word) some other modules of my mind are trying to create in the moment.


(I've to figure out, if Mastodon can display a thread/conversation just like in emails to keep track of this.)

@flavigula I improvise a lot live, so i keep equipment radically more simple & different from studio works. I use anything that sounds & can be played or programmed, recorded or generated. I have a piano & too many string things. I collect sounding pieces of metal, wood, glass. An excellent hihat is a beer lid played with a coin, a good bell a former vase. I collect microphones. The dance works want less of all this, but there is Air Cushion Finish.



I just started listening to "Flink". I'm already a fan.


Concerning suddenly being in a different piece - if the harmonic transitions / voice leading make sense (to me), it feels like the same piece of music. The "to me" part needs to be emphasised here. :)


Good morning, @flavigula »The "to me" part« - yeah, the overall result of what one listens to. What do you usually listening to? From what i can guess it sounds eclectic. While i say this i realize i need to read about eclecticism, "hardly ever constituted a specific style in art: it is characterized by the fact that it was not a particular style" (wp). [...] I left out the part about the mix of styles.
Are you using found items sometimes, also in terms of instruments?



Good morning to you.

I finally have a stable microphone setup in my studio, so "found objects" will play a greater part in future music. Such objects have been used in the past (Tintinnabulation from Jēmeraz has lots of found percussion, for example), but it was more of a pain because I had to transfer the samples into Ardour or manipulate them by way of Supercollider instead of recording them in real time.

Obviously, I've been playing with granulating / manipulating speech.


I listen to lots of stuff. Right now, I'm listening to Dexter Gordon. Jazz "influences" would be more along the lines of Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, though.

I'm a big fan of David Sylvian, especially his more abstract later albums (though I love all of it). I used to listen to King Crimson and Fripp related projects in my "youth", not so much anymore, but I cannot deny the influence.

Eno is awesome. There's also the Fripp connection with him.


Daniel O'Sullivan projects. Kavus Torabi projects. Guapo is a group I come back to often.

So-called "chamber rock" is frequent on my playlist. Univers Zero, Aranis (and associated), Present, Art Zoyd...

Possibly my favourite composer of all time is Shostakovich. Daniel Denis (from Univers Zero) isn't far behind, though.

Krautrock - Can, Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül II, Cluster, Neu!.

Black metal, especially the "recent" French ones - Blut Aus Nord, etc.


Other ecclectic weird stuff.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Free Salamander Exhibition. Carla Kihlstedt projects. Henry Cow / Fred Frith related music.

Czech artists / groups such as Iva Bittova, Dunaj and Už Jsme Doma.

Electronica has also spoke to me in recent years, but I'll admit, I'm still a newcomer in this realm.

@flavigula I can hear Fripp in yours & Henry Cow. I took in too much classical organ music as a child, resulting in seeking for sthg. entirely different for a long time. I get older and rediscover the beauty of good organisation. Clocks divided by four oftenly give me a "let's change this", but not mutating ostinatos. Hmm. Many options! That's good :) P.S. Krautrock ... called Fish&Chips-Rock in the UK? Just teasing. Modal, psychedelic 60s/70s on my list, too. Listening to Jēmeraz.

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