@noisevember continues with this little ditty about hanging out in a park in Munich. Again, any comments on mixing / mastering are appreciated as I am experimenting with different methods each time.


I'm in the process of putting all the tracks together as an album. This involves remixing many of them (but not this one). Hopefully, it'll be pleasing.


@flavigula @0x0x @noisevember Leave them as they are, they only need mastering! (i think)


There are details I have to fuss with, but much of it will stay the same. Usually I end up obsessing over a few nuances that only I'll notice.

@0x0x @noisevember

@micahflee Hello, may i ask: What are the minimum system requirements for an OnionShare install on OSX? Can't find that info on Thank you in advance.

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