- I must give partial credit to @Eidon, because I used the software he wrote to create a combinatorially generative piece. I cut two slivers from this piece and used them as a backdrop for everything else.

@flavigula BELLISSIMO

Sorry, it burst out in Italian ^_^

I like this composition very much! Many thanks for your mentioning me with it!


Thanks! Italian is fine. I can deal with Italian. :)

I like the piece, also, but am a bit dissatisfied with the mixing, as it is muddy with too much midrange and little clarity. Once I finish up the whole month of these things, I'll remaster it and wrap um all up in an album.

@flavigula Meraviglioso ^_^ !
I look forward to listen to it ! 🎆 👍


Funny that I didn't even think of that until after I finished. Yeah - I can hear the something off the ConstruKction of Light bouncing around in the back of my brain. Hah.


@flavigula @mayor
I *adore* King Crimson...

(although the latest KC seems more like a cover band of themselves)


I've been a fan for years, too. I disagree that the newest incarnation is mearly a "cover band", though. The arrangements they do of the old pieces are so different than the originals that at times, it's a revelation. Eg, Sailor's Tale.

I saw them a few years ago in Madrid. I'd go again.


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