have you seen/heard of a web cms that uses 'folders as database' paradigm?

@scott @luka hm, that's peculiar how they use the term "open-source" where the actual license doesn't have freedom 0 :/

@setthemfree @luka yeah that is interesting.. "open source but not free" they say. There are a number of other ones after Kirby though. Enoki which also supports DAT for one: github.com/enokidotsite/enoki


enoki appears quite interesting. Have you in used it or anything else with "Dat"? Beaker Browser also seems curious...

@setthemfree @luka

@flavigula @scott @setthemfree yes quite interesting but i was looking into very minimalistic lofi smolnet mobile tooling without js and dependencies


I'm unsure what you mean by "lofi smolnet mobile tooling". I'd love to be enlightened, though!

Reading through the enoki and choo docs, I may play with them just for learning.

@scott @setthemfree


I was overwhelmed with templates and macros in and . even which is php+flatfile is too much for my taste.

i'm alway weary of anything dependent on NPM or even just javascript.

I'm attracted to simplicity and minimalism. extremely small sizes. as few dependencies as possible. but still mobile/translatable. html+css can get far, but just a bit short in regards of "includes" (header, footer, menu).

so rn:
home-growing own (php+css+html+fs)

@scott @setthemfree


@luka this was my simple solution pastebin.com/VArygj05 it's very limited. it's a static site generator, rather than dynamic scripts. it does what I want excepting rss feeds. I have a separate as yet not working script for rss, of similar shape. it has a dependency. the markdown executable. the idea was to make something simple enough that flexibility would be available via direct modification rather than feature set. @flavigula @scott @setthemfree

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