inspired by @dried 's post about modulating a hi-pass filter with an inverted envelope, I experimented with something similar.

The vca is biased to produce a drone with swells. the filter resonance turned up; it's band-pass output patched into it's fm input. and the envelope rise and fall modulated by two random sources.


@eid whoops, just looked again and it is in fact low-pass haha...

@dried ah, well the results were satisfying anyways. :) I don't often use the high pass output of the filter.

@eid I enjoyed them too (and yours!). I've had good luck with high-pass for harpsichord-like pluck sounds and really short slightly resonant clicks, to get that really crisp attack. But yeah, nowhere close to the same usage as low-pass.

@eid This sounds beautiful, thanks for sharing it.

@y6nH thanks for listening. 🙂 I appreciate the thought.

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