@flavigula does your website have RSS feeds?


You mean for the blog? Nope, but I could implement one pretty easily. In fact, I'll do so this evening.

I've been meaning to add and have started in the coding (over a month ago), but hit a roadblock then didn't have time because of my "real" job and trying to finish the album.


It seems to work, but I've only tried it on two readers. I should probably make an atom feed at some point. The spec is more specific for atom, though, so it'd take a bit more time.

There wasn't a dedicated solution in elixir, so I just rolled my own.

@flavigula wow, thanks. was very quick. I use Feeder on android. seems to work well there.


I'm glad. Formatting probably isn't all that great, though. Most of the entries in the blog are markdown.


This also is a reminder for me to actually finish the ActivityPub implementation.

@flavigula some feedback. it looks like the rss feed contains markdown, rather than html. or perhaps it's just links that aren't transformed. also, the feed contains all the history, which makes checking for updates a little slow. enjoy what you post.


Thank you. I'll cut it back to a small number and htmlify the markdown.


When you have time, try it and see if the formatting is better. I am sending html, but simplified. IE, I'm stripping any tags that are "dubious".

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