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Improvising and overdubbing I made this today. A song that reminds vaguely the Burundi way of singing.

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Thanks to all who listened to the endless droning the last few days.

Much of the music can be found here: funkwhale.thurk.org/library/al

Other things were not captured correctly and are now part of the void.

Now on to greater things!

droning away over here for the next hour or three. see how it goes. video.ten2.one/

taking part in . droneday.org/

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tonight we are this live edition of Rentgen nightline with myself presenting a new release called 'Technoburlesque - Image Snatchers 3' with some disco-pop-trap cuts. before me amazing .

Also watchout for the actual release later in the evening, mastered by amazing @openmastering with a fully FLOSS chain.

@ live.pretok.tv

:bandcamp: @ kamizdat.bandcamp.com

experimenting with streaming again over here video.ten2.one/ I've a limiter in place now, hopefully to save the listener from errant lurches.

streaming unedited recordings from 2021.09

testing streaming with owncast video.ten2.one/ does this work?

What video settings are people usually using for this?

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