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really interesting, challenging, 0-fcuks-given, exploratory set from zagreb-based producer N/OBE. the description of the set ends with "Not sorry for the noise.". it's very sound-artish, not too harsh. very special, very recommended. recommended if you want to hear something new.


(via some queer-pushing, progressive-thinking smart Ljubljana's people at Pritličje / Klub Monokel)

I've been looking at monitors and thinking about yamaha hs7's or mackie mr624's does anyone have any opinions on those, or something similar?

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Souvenez-vous de Aaron Swartz
(8 novembre 1986 - 11 janvier 2013)

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@PatchNotes I've been experimenting with avoiding the sequencer lately. I landed on using clock dividers and attenuated gates to modulate function generators. the textural rhythm here is that. the more intentional melody comes from a sequencer.

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a decade's dust. witness the rise and fall, a civilization's worth of creative tools and machinery. the sediment of a lost heaven, universal shipwreck.

i finished a collection of music.


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I’m starting to get a bit better with the near / far placement using combos of reverb, eq, and stereo width restrictions, but i still am at a loss as to how to move things up/down. like how can i sit mid-basses low and push other stuff high and wide. anyone have tips or their favorite tricks for this sorta thing?

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Dear friends, listeners, sonic beings …

The release of this album will conclude a period during which I have sought to provide, on a regular basis, a steady release of musical material that I have striven to share as extensively as possible and whose sounds I embarked upon the creation of with the intention to nurture with as much thoughtfulness and inventive care that I could summon, so as to bring just a little more beauty and wonder into this world.

I've collected my noisevembeat tracks here stubbornerr.com/2020.11/ I managed 16 this time around. compared with 14 from last year. had a good time listening too.

cc @noisevember

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is like , but runs through the year. Record, create, post, short-ish recordings, loops, beats, noises, melodies, sounds from your creative process where you work focused on sound/noise/music. Perhaps write a little description of anything that puts it into context (can be anything).

You can also call for and add some reuse indication, if desired.

If you like this proposal, plz boost.

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During november, for #novembeat, I've recorded this 30 tracks album:


They are very short pieces, like ideas, experiments, some of them can be used as aid to relax or meditation (perharps).


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Here is my final @noisevember piece for the year. I've enjoyed very much making the music and listening to everyone else's contributions. Actually, there are still some recent ones I have to get to.

Thanks to all who have listened.



last track for the month. a more intentional melody, with small noise. enjoyed listening to all the posted music.

cc @noisevember

there's so much music to listen to on here. it's really pretty great.

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