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SoundScape renderer - a tool for real-time spatial audio reproduction providing a variety of rendering algorithms, e.g. Wave Field Synthesis, Higher-Order Ambisonics and binaural techniques.

(Stumbled upon while seaching for something else).



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Fadimat105 ist morgen wieder um 22h on air at RadioFRO! Gast: Anatol Bogendorfer (Hörstadt). Mit Musik von WASWOTSCH, ChraComfort
(aka Paradiso Infernal) und katrinem mit einem Sounding Linz
Beitrag. dorftv kommt auch vorbei! #Linz #radio fro.at/fadimat105-oct21/

I've soldered DrumKid at Circuit Control in Dresden some weeks ago. I love it! Get in touch via this great presentation at Hackaday. hackaday.io/project/164521-dru

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Get some free codes from the latest release "Phrasemongering" by DORNINGER released at base. #bandcamp dorninger.bandcamp.com/yum

10 years Circuit Control in Dresden. Met so many friends from 2011. Had a great week with amazing projects and 16 liveshows. Soldered 10 soundtools! Can't await 2022.

the analogue video mixer designed and built by Synkie presented at Circuit Control. synkie.net/

Greetings from Circuit Conzrol 2021 in Dresden. The name is concept!

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Morgen Dienstag 6.7.21 gibt es ab 22h wieder eine Ausgabe von Fadimat105 auf Radio Fro. Musikschwerpunkt ist Sound Linz mit Angélica Castelló. #Linz #radio fro.at/fadimat105-july21/

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