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Time's Up Hafenkino - Wolfgang 'Fadi' Dorninger:
Von 24 auf 1! am Freitag 23.09.22 | 20.00
Spätsommerkino in der Werkstatt dieses mal - mit Feuertonne und sonnengewärmten Wänden.
#Linz #Kino timesup.org/activities/events/

Thus circuit by Ralf Schreiber is promising a big improvement for my Tiny Techno Orchestra.

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Sound Campus 2022 is starting today in Linz at Hauptplatz 6 at Kunstuni Linz as part of Ars Electronica. #Linz #arselectronica

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DRKMBNT performing "Tiny Techno Orchestra" at AMRO22 - great pics by Eva Maria Dreisiebner at DH5

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installed Pipewire on my linux machine. the first time that my UR816C gave a sound using linux. Jack did not even find my soundcard. hurray to PIPEWIRE.

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I uploaded the DRKMBNT liverecording from AMRO 2022 at DH5 in Linz to my homepage. Enjoy the "Tiny Techno Orchestra" mix. base.at/drkmbnt/live-at-amro-2

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a.space is a distributed sound installation, that interconnects 3 spaces through a directional loop, affected by space, feedback and acoustic events. Through a virtual platform it is possible to listen, choose a point of perspective and interact with others. The web Interface developed by Michael Aschauer, is shared as an open source tool for further use.

with Gabriela Gordillo, Stefan Tiefengraber, Luka Prinčič, Polina Khatsenka, Michael Aschauer, ala pecula


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AMRO 2022 is starting TODAY !

Program for Wednesday 15th of June:

afo architekturforum oberösterreich
Herbert-Bayer-Platz 1
4020 Linz

Or ONLINE : art-meets.radical-openness.org

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