DRKMBNT live at Circuit Galore at KAPU in Linz performing the "Tiny Techno Orchestra". @kapulinz

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Circuit galore with students of art university #Linz and Fadi @wdorninger #KAPULinz

It was a great workshop with Claude Winterberg aka FlipFloater at the Art University in Linz. Friday night the workshop celebrated at KAPU in Linz. Pics: Very small setup by DRKMBNT, a bigger setup by FlipFloater.

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Had a lotta fun last night soldering BASS61 by Noisio. A ATtiny861 Bass Synthesizer, 5 octaves, 4 waveforms, 2nd voice pitch-down, LFO/ ADSR, 15x32 step sequences stored to eeprom, tunable ... still prototype.

Added a new posting to my homepage: Already Soldered Pt. III - The Levitation Oscillator is a 10-Voices drone oscillator /sinus or sawtooth with optional digital ring mode will make you float. base.at/drkmbnt/already-solder

drkmbnt - excerpt from the 24 Hour showcase. you can support the project and get the whole streaming marathon. base.at/24hours/lineup.html

DRKMBNT is playing a short techno-noise concert at Fadimat105 Feb 1st at 10pm CET at Radio Fro. fro.at/fadimat105-feb22/

On February 26, 2022, DRKMBNT will perform at the "24 Hours" streaming marathon. Tickets can be purchased now. Information can be found on my homepage: base.at/drkmbnt/drkmbnt-live-a

dear sonomu.club community, I wish you all the best for 2022!

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SoundScape renderer - a tool for real-time spatial audio reproduction providing a variety of rendering algorithms, e.g. Wave Field Synthesis, Higher-Order Ambisonics and binaural techniques.

(Stumbled upon while seaching for something else).



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