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I've processed the latest IPCC report (working group 3, released yesterday) and made some other improvements to:

This site now contains zipfiles of each report, a truly plain-text index, collaborative highlighting and annotations, the Atkinson Hyperlegible font, and clearer navigation.

Please feel free to share it around both here and anywhere else you can think of. The more people who read this, the better.

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I'm trying to tidy up my notes on the various active #permacomputing projects out there.

Send me everything and anything you can think of that attempts to address planned obsolescence and stack collapse through: ease of repairability, scavenge-friendliness, uvms, etc..


heads up that bandcamp uses separate carts for pages that aren't a * url (eg, @luka 's, so if you add a few different albums to a cart and then check out all at once you'll have to go back and purchase those separately.

I put together the source code and the video for this patch. Patch notes are in the source code README.



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A little textural granular nonsense ft turns and grains~ and a sample of my nicer electric bass 🎸. Aether for reverb. Patch notes, source code (pd patch and turns config), and maybe a video of the knob-tweaking to come later, it's nearly 1AM.

turns is now at v0.5.0. This release includes improvements to math (🤮), the MIDI pager, and other QOL and housekeeping improvements. Download your copy today!

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A combination of driver and interface firmware was to blame for the higher pitch & distortion I was hearing. This MOTU AVB is a nice piece of kit but the software bugs can get under my skin. Downgraded and things seem ok. Now to hunt down that hum...

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oh weird. the distorted clicks and pops don't manifest when not played back through my interface, and the rest of the unexpectedness is just 50-cycle hum. There's some fishy electricity happening here...

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A little midnight session on the feedback box, dusting off my not-great-to-begin-with supercollider chops.

A lot of the sound and character on this is completely unexpected -- the box didn't sound like that acoustically -- but I like it quite a bit so here it is. My interface is having a bit of a moment, but I'm also starting to worry that the box took more damage than I though in the trip over...

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Offer for refugees from Ukraine. Small village in the Swabian Alb in southern Germany. Children's room with bunk bed plus room for one person. You can stay for a couple of week here.

Angebot für Flüchtlinge aus der Ukraine. Kleines Dorf auf der Schwäbischen Alb in Süddeutschland. Kinderzimmer mit Stockbett und Zimmer für eine Person.

Please boost.

You can DM me.

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On the news of Epic Games aquiring Bandcamp, and possible alternatives: As it depends entirely on my free time (and asides two weeks early this year I've in fact been struggling to make space for it for a while now) I can't make any lofty promises, but I will say that is still very much alive on my agenda. I received a lot of positive feedback last year (thanks again everyone) and with the Bandcamp takeover there's now more than ever a motivation to bring this towards an official release. Still: It's done when it's done, self-care and a healthy work mode come first. ( ◡‿◡ *)

(Still working on this, there's just a lot of life in the way, including finding somewhere to land after traversing an ocean in a few weeks...)

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apropos of... everything, image scrubber is still maintained, and is a workable option for anonymizing photographs


Probably naive take on web accessibility 

Switched from Vim Vixen to Tridactyl. Reminded of how keyboard-inaccessible some of the web is -- focus-trapping elements, focus-avoiding links, smaller things like websites auto-focusing inputs (which really drives me nuts because it interrupts keyboard-driven navigation even without a vim plugin) and inconsistencies in webapps like Duolingo.

The web is more accessible if you let the defaults do their work. Let your links be <a>, not 20kB of javascript.

There's no real license, but feel free to use it

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This will
- navigate to a dir named for the current month (YYYY-MM) (and makes it if it doesn't exist)
- open a file named (-8601) in nvim (and activate Goyo)
- if that file doesn't exist, open nvim as editing it with the date as the first line (this doesn't create the file until you save)

It's dead simple, self-organizing, text-based, lightweight, syncs with any cloud service, etc.

I also have another keybind to open a new window & run


for browsing notes

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Here's my & note-taking system:

notes_dir() {
month=$(date +'%Y-%m')
mkdir -p $month_dir
pushd $month_dir > /dev/null

notes() {
fname=$(date +%F).md

if [ ! -e $fname ]; then
firstline="_$(date +'%A %b. %-d, %Y')_"
nvim +Goyo +"put ='$firstline'" $fname
nvim +Goyo $fname

popd > /dev/null

rigged to a keybind to run notes() in a new terminal window


1. Does this already exist somewhere?
2. Would you use it if it did? (What features would you want?)
3. Any tips or tricks on RT audio RPi configuration which might have slipped past me?

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I'm about to do a medium-sized amount of work to write a utility to setup & manage a as a headless real-time audio client over SSH.

This thing will have one-shot scripts for tasks like initializing the pi from a mostly fresh install, running or scripts, running a sc server, and queuing a pd or sc patch to run on next boot. I'll be collecting & updating a bunch of my own scripts into the unified tool I wish I had when I wrote them.

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