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@luka the design is wicked though, they look fantastic

@ics that venue! I want to play a campfire gig too!

@nasser This got me looking at my own powertop. I had a leftover virtual nic that was somehow using 3W (must've been a mis-estimate because bringing the nic down didn't lower my overall discharge by that much, maybe they were virtual watts too)

There's a lot of dynamism in this patch while staying in a particular character, which I like. The wild thing is I'm barely doing any manipulation. There's a non-linear feedback path in the shift register which I tweaked a bit and I think that was it.

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More nonsense. Went in wanting to fiddle with a shift register, came out with frantic free jazz keyboard.

: This is a eurorack feedback patch drawing on the ideas of the la synthese humaine series on youtube (though I think my implementation wandered a bit). 2 pairs of resonant filters are half-wave rectified against the other pair (ie, the peaks of one and the troughs of the other). These go into the shift register (clocked by an LFO) which drives changes throughout the patch.

@eldang If this was with the same crew that do the kayak surfing course up by Jordan River, my partner did that and had a blast, which I think constitutes a recommendation.

@tindall I just discovered self-patching Ripples and it's great. Also jealous you're grabbing Kamieniec, the demos sound so good

Sorted two of my big woes. vim-stay plugin was rampantly messing up something called views I'd never heard of. Setting `let &viewoptions="folds,cursor,unix"` fixed it. More info at :h mkview and :h loadview.

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critical theory and 'hope' 

@neauoire @entreprecariat

Seems like I'm forever quoting Haraway's Staying with the Trouble these days:

"Staying with the trouble requires making oddkin ... alone, in our separate kinds of expertise and experience, we know both too much and too little, and so we succumb to despair or to hope, and neither is a sensible attitude. Neither despair nor hope is tuned to the senses, to mindful matter, to material semiotics, to mortal earthlings in thick copresence."

@cta Thanks for the offer! I haven't dug into Ndefs as much as I probably should, though my impression is that they might be the right thing for the job.

@cta Ah I was worried it was something like that. Thank you. This is mainly for continual tweaking of a SynthDef and listening to the results -- it would be nice not to have to navigate to and execute the second code block containing the Synth.replace call.

Can any folks help me understand why re-creating a SynthDef and then immediately replacing a Synth using it only uses the new definition after executing the block twice? (and maybe whether there's a good way to get the desired behaviour?) eg,

SynthDef(\mydef, { /*...*/ }).add;
x = Synth.replace(x, \mydef);

@luka London, Cambridge, York, Peterborough, Bradford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Norwich, Stratford, Exeter, Chatham, Essex... Ontario.

Evening chorus. Chill box feedback and clicks with bonus ambience. Longer one because I'm procrastinating.

Patch notes:

- Roaming bandpasses on the box feedback
- LFOs (ochd) driving the pitch are self-FM'd; one of them is scaled by the summed envelope of the outgoing audio
- Clicks are a pinged low-pass with a high cutoff, a bit of resonance, and self-AM'd
- 3-way complex oscillator rat's nest affecting the rate of clicks, not totally sure how it works
- Recorded with H4N

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