More nonsense. Went in wanting to fiddle with a shift register, came out with frantic free jazz keyboard.

: This is a eurorack feedback patch drawing on the ideas of the la synthese humaine series on youtube (though I think my implementation wandered a bit). 2 pairs of resonant filters are half-wave rectified against the other pair (ie, the peaks of one and the troughs of the other). These go into the shift register (clocked by an LFO) which drives changes throughout the patch.

Evening chorus. Chill box feedback and clicks with bonus ambience. Longer one because I'm procrastinating.

Patch notes:

- Roaming bandpasses on the box feedback
- LFOs (ochd) driving the pitch are self-FM'd; one of them is scaled by the summed envelope of the outgoing audio
- Clicks are a pinged low-pass with a high cutoff, a bit of resonance, and self-AM'd
- 3-way complex oscillator rat's nest affecting the rate of clicks, not totally sure how it works
- Recorded with H4N

Some bubbly drone feedback from yesterday's late nite session. Burbling with low fundamental and crunchy spitting crests.

Another dense patch, notes available on request if you're curious. tl;dr filters in the feedback path are great.

I unlocked two things just now: feedback patching in supercollider and screen recording on sway. (audio sync is unfortunately off)

: the code is in the video, I can send a snippet if anyone wants it. Basically, 3 oscillators FM each other in a ring. They're mixed and that's sent through a comparator which pings a filter, which is also mixed with their sum and sent out. The envelope of that final mix modulates the amplitude of 2 of the oscillators and the filter's resonance.

Have some crunchy slippery groove.

: Dual slew limiter feedback. SL2's end-of-slew goes to SL1's in. Both outs are mixed and sent to SL2's in. SL1's end modulates SL2's slew rate, and SL1's rate is modulated by the mixed output fed through Cold Mac's crease wavefolder. The mix is modulated by an unstable LFO, sent through another wavefolder, filter, and out. A comparator (gate when SL1 > SL2) is clock-divided twice then pings a low filter which is mixed in at the final wavefolder.

A second excerpt from last night's session, this one more squarely in the bleeps-and-bloops genre.

Refamiliarizing myself with my modular synth and learning a new module. Unfortunately this was late last night and I don't remember anything for patch notes. I also don't know where that chord came from, but y'know, whatever.

More fridge nonsense. In the last recording I also used the mics (though they weren't in the posted audio). This is that mic recording with some filtering to slightly emphasize some of the overtone harmonics. The harmonics from the fridge are super rich, I'm only playing a single resonant low-pass here, everything else is the fridge and the room.

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Here's the box listening to the offending fridge sitting on the counter directly above it. It's still picking up some digital noise in the right channel, I don't know what that could be.

This is the normal state of the kitchen I'll be using until at least September. The tone of this drone is really rich and my brain is connecting the overtones to the point where I'm getting the melodies stuck in my head. It sounds good in short doses but I'm still under a month in and it's... tiring.

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A feedback box listening to the fridge in the next room over and my computer.

I definitely thought the hum was a grounding issue and spent hours over the course of a week or so trying to chase it down. Turns out the nearly-kaput fridge is vibrating the desk through the walls and that's what the piezos are picking up.

Free to use if you want to sample for whatever reason, message me for a 48khz wav.

A little textural granular nonsense ft turns and grains~ and a sample of my nicer electric bass 🎸. Aether for reverb. Patch notes, source code (pd patch and turns config), and maybe a video of the knob-tweaking to come later, it's nearly 1AM.

A little midnight session on the feedback box, dusting off my not-great-to-begin-with supercollider chops.

A lot of the sound and character on this is completely unexpected -- the box didn't sound like that acoustically -- but I like it quite a bit so here it is. My interface is having a bit of a moment, but I'm also starting to worry that the box took more damage than I though in the trip over...

First session on a new feedback box. Moody drone with feedback scanning & noisy FM interjections. Recorded with a zoom placed a little too low, the highs sounded better IRL. No post other than normalizing & fade in & out.

: stereo feedback, each channel has two bandpasses; the pitch, resonance, and mix are controlled by related LFOs. Drone is an oscillator through a filter whose resonance is also modulated. FM stabs (on bandpasses) when envelope of bandpasses moves through a window.

Learning about RF the Hard Way™. Box project is close to having a functional form, but I discovered that running power lines alongside audio lines does in fact result in noise.

Here's what it sounds like, with some performative touches. I recorded the piezos out from the box. I turn the Raspberry Pi on, SSH in, do some mucking about (including playing a sample, apt update, and switching the transducers to aux in), then sudo ip link set wlan0 down.

Now how to make it not do that...

is hard. I need a solution for non-permanently routing some wires inside the current box project. I need to avoid them contacting two sides, and there needs to be a bit of slack in some of the wires. Adding a conduit is not an option because some wires need to exit at different points and I don't want the casing of the conduit to rattle. I think I'm going to epoxy some twist-ties at strategic points but I'm open to suggestions!

My last drum sounds were really blah, so I made TR-808 flavoured hats and they sound great. Apparently their original noise source is 6 out-of-tuned square oscillators through a high-pass. Anyway, here's a SynthDef for @supercollider:

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