I'll be doing a sort of academic-slanted presentation of a few recent pieces / projects and some of my thinking around them as part of scholar.social's . I'm next Wednesday but there are lots of great presentations going on this week and next, check out the schedule and sign up to attend here: summerschool.scholar.social/20

My @SummerSchool presentation is tomorrow, I'm looking forward to sharing my thinking about some recent work with everyone!

I'm at 09:00UTC - time.is/0900_3_Aug_2022_in_UTC

Sign up link: summerschool.scholar.social/20


@SummerSchool CORRECTION: my talk today is at 10:00 UTC, not 09:00. If this is an issue that prevents you from seeing the talk, please let me know!

@dried Oof, you had me panic there for a little while! 😅 See you soon.

@SylviaFysica haha sorry! It was an off-by-one error on my part!

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