A feedback box listening to the fridge in the next room over and my computer.

I definitely thought the hum was a grounding issue and spent hours over the course of a week or so trying to chase it down. Turns out the nearly-kaput fridge is vibrating the desk through the walls and that's what the piezos are picking up.

Free to use if you want to sample for whatever reason, message me for a 48khz wav.

Here's the box listening to the offending fridge sitting on the counter directly above it. It's still picking up some digital noise in the right channel, I don't know what that could be.

This is the normal state of the kitchen I'll be using until at least September. The tone of this drone is really rich and my brain is connecting the overtones to the point where I'm getting the melodies stuck in my head. It sounds good in short doses but I'm still under a month in and it's... tiring.

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