Installed a new monitoring tool ( and noticed that it's not jack or sc aggravating my computer's coil whine, it's pulseaudio trying to keep up. Time to try out pipewire again?

also firefox makes these really cute pings in my feedback patch whenever I close a nontrivial tab

I would say yes give pipewire a go.
I am now using it al the time, and without any real setting up, apart from changing the default 48000 to 44100, it just works.
I was having some troubles with ardour5, but they were quickly resolved by an upgrade to the latest ardour.

@martin Can I ask what your interface is like and what you're using for routing? Last time I tried it there was a lot I liked, but I was between qjackctl and pavu for routing and they fought each other.

My sound card is an edirol ua 25ex
I am running ubuntu studio 20.04
For routing with programs that use jack, like carla, and supercollider i use qjackctl.
I believe that pipewire also has routing controls but I haven't got into that yet as things all seem to be working nicely for now.

@martin Thank you. Yep I see that rncbc now has a pipewire routing tool called qpwgraph which looks like the thing --

Maybe I'll give it a shot on the weekend!

Cool.Thanks. I will give that a try too.
Hahah.. there is also a ua 25 in the screenshot of the readme

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