you fedi folks are alright. thanks for the support around the performance tonight & thanks for tuning in <3

(there will probably be a recording for those unable to listen tonight, I'll post if/when I know more)

@dried I hope that there will be a recording then. Over here in Berlin i still ran into the same error message, even on different browsers on Mac & Windows. It is some kind of geo-blocking i suppose.
More importantly i hope you are most content with your premiere and enjoyed it a lot.

@jayrope that's so weird, I'm sorry it didn't work out. But yes, I'm happy with the performance, I think the players and audio tech did great, especially considering the remote situation. There were some weird video glitches in the stream but I'm hopeful they won't make it in to the archival recording.

@dried Ah nice to hear. Were you watching remotely yourself, or did you get to attend the performance there?

@jayrope I watched remotely, I'm three time zones away

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