A new piece of mine is premiering tomorrow: Common, for three people performing one concert bass drum. Players of Tsilumos Ensemble are performing it as part of SALT Festival in Victoria, BC; Zoom chats to follow the performance. Streaming & more info here:

Recording of the stream is available on youtube. My piece is first in the program and, uh, feel free to skip my awkward rambling at the beginning. (invidious link to the beginning of my piece)

@dried Stream window seems already there, but presents me a privacy settings error. So that's only for paying customers i guess?

@jayrope I think it's by donation. The stream works for me from the embed on the tsilumos page, but they're in rehearsals now I think

@dried okay, it might be a geoblock. tried from Berlin. I had similar before with fetivals in Ireland, US.

@jayrope hm I'll ask them about it. I doubt they'd want it to be blocked.

@jayrope The festival admin said they tried the stream via VPN in Europe and had no problems, so it is likely an issue elsewhere.

@dried Seriously, I love the intimacy and introspectiveness of this piece, however challenging it is for web streaming.

@eldang thank you for listening! Yes the tech rehearsal was hard, there was some 30sec of latency testing the different mic arrangements...

@dried Oh, that's another whole challenge that I hadn't even thought about.

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